Here's Who Should Be Marvel Vs Capcom 3's Final 10

By Adam Ma on December 1, 2010, 5:43PM EDT

It's been a long ride since the first announcement of Marvel vs Capcom's triumphant return to consoles, and we're finally down to the last ten characters. Many classic (and unexpected) heroes have been announced, while many others have been confirmed as not appearing regardless of fan demand. It's been an interesting time, and if anything else it's given fans enough of an experience to know that there are really no true limits to who may be ported into this fighting game. So with five characters left from both Marvel and Capcom's respective sides of the ring, who can we possibly expect?

We already know that Capcom is looking to expand on some lesser known characters as opposed to settling with fan favorites over and over again. Keeping the experience fresh here is an absolute priority, so let's not expect Cyclops or Ken to work their way in simply because they're popular. On the other hand, it would be fantastic to see X-Man Psylocke a combatant, simply due to how wide a variety of moves she would have at her disposal. 'All melee' characters don't necessarily fair well in a game that's so heavily filled with such a wide variety of ranged attacks. Likewise I personally hope that Marvel continues its trend of allowing Capcom to use infamous villains to balance out all of the 'good guys' that are rapidly filling up the games roster. Apocalypse, Venom, Red Skull, or even Taskmaster would fantastic additions to the series.

On the same page, Capcom has been pretty creative in their addition of characters to the series. Much of what's gone on so far has been misdirection, using characters like Wesker and Amatersu to keep guessers off balance. It's fair to say that Capcom has been trying to mix up franchises as much as possible though, so while characters like Phoenix Wright and Nero have been completely scrapped off the list we can be hopeful that perhaps Franziska or even Wayne (from Lost Planet) may show up. Likewise just because Megaman X has been ruled out, that's not to say that any one of the dozens of villains that make up his games may not make an appearance. Seeing Dr. Wiley or any of his classic robotic creations make an appearance would be an absolute treat.

Onimusha is another series that has yet to be ruled out by Capcom, and considering it's one of their more positively acclaimed franchise I would be hopeful that Soki would perhaps make an appearance. Anything except more Street Fighter characters really, although I do get a nagging feeling that Akuma will make an appearance for no particular reason.

Either way we're down to the final stretch, an exciting time for anyone who happens to be a particularly large Marvel, Capcom, or general fan of the fighting genre. No doubt a few characters won't make the final cut in hopes of making some alluring future DLC (like Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine), but for now lets hope that Marvel vs Capcom 3 will start with it's absolute best foot forward. The game is all about dream teams after all, so with luck those developers over at Capcom is dreaming big.

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