How to Play Halo Reach Co-Op On An Arcade Slim

By Adam Ma on September 15, 2010, 8:59PM EDT

So you've gone and purchased one of those new Kinect-ready slim consoles, thinking you'll be able to take advantage of a fancier system for all those fun holiday season games. Halo Reach has just come out, you pop it in, ready and waiting for that online co-op action that everyone has been foaming at the mouth over for months. Unfortunately, it doesn't work.

Nothing seems to work. Not a new external hard drive, not a different flash drive or USB stick, nor does unplugging it and screaming like a gorilla. A quick search online finds that you're not the only one, it's an issue with the Xbox 360 itself, which requires a real hard drive in order to do anything cool.

Thankfully, there is a solution. It is a solution that will require a few parts, tools, and a tiny bit of patience, but I've personally found it well worth laughing at Microsoft's attempts to stop my co-op experience. It requires a small modification to the Xbox, and it's something just about anyone can do at home. Surprisingly simple considering how much time and money I would have wasted going out to completely replace my Xbox, or wait until Microsoft decided to make me shell out another hundred or so for a new external hard drive.

All that's required is to take an existing Xbox hard drive apart and plug the internal chip directly into the back of the new console. There's no need to wait for a new, unique fitting product to start playing games now. Some pretty simple tools are used to take apart the 'normal' hard drive, such as a screwdriver or pliers and the slot on the back of the slim arcade is pretty obvious.

Those still unsure if this minor console adjustment is something you can handle? The simplest tutorial we were able to find (and consequently the one I followed to make the modification myself) is the video below. With luck, this will save a lot of Xbox owners a lot of time and money. Perhaps more importantly, it'll get a lot of Halo fans into the fight sooner than later.

One disclaimer however. While we have had success making this mod to our current Xbox 360, Gaming Union would like to remind you all that we're not responsible for any damage or voided warranty that may occur if you attempt this on your own. Check out the video below for a much more detailed look as to how it works, and thank you scrodamoon for posting such a video on youtube. You really saved my evening.

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