Spider Man Dimensions That We Don't Want To See

By Adam Ma on April 13, 2010, 12:42AM EDT

Spider-Man is one of the few heroes that seems to keep on getting video games, despite their reputation. From his text adventure classics in 1978 to the more reason film adaptions in 2002 the web slinger has been around longer then most think. But up until now it's always been the same old Peter Parker, same role, same story. Until recently that is, when Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions was announced, teasing fans with the promise of multiple variations of the iconic hero. With Amazing and Noir already announced, we can only sit back and excitedly dream of what universes will be revealed. But what about the universes we hope aren't revealed?

Marvel Zombies Spider-Man:

The Marvel Zombies series has been a pretty reasonable success for reasons that I personally cannot figure out. Be that as it may, if it's a success then that means someone somewhere will think that it's a good idea to have a zombie Spider-Man in a videogame. This is a mistake. Not only would playing as a zombie (most likely) require you to cannibalize other people/loved ones it would also mean that players would be fighting other zombie super heroes. It sounds great in theory, like most fan fiction would, but I'm not so fond of watching an undead Peter Parker chow down on anyone.

Another great reason not to have Marvel Zombies involved in any way would be the plot. A zombie Spider-Man who gains a portion of Galactus's cosmic powers and teams up with an alternate reality superhero team? The plot alone alienates anyone who can only stand so much madness, best keep that sort of thing to the comics.

Spider-Man 2211:

A time traveling crime fighter with mechanical arms, there's little that ties this character to the Spider-Man franchise aside from the fact that his costume is also red and blue. He fights similar villains in his time period, has strength, agility, and web-related moves. He also has rocket boots, the ability to travel through time, and can erase someones memory (because his power suit is just that advanced). Normally I would never worry about a character like this ever showing up in a video games, but considering Shattered Dimensions is completely based around alternate worlds (and fixing them) I have to worry.

What if they decide to use him? What would gameplay even be like? How would it even be possible to defeat him? These are questions I never hope to have to answer through experiencing gameplay, but a part of me is afraid that somewhere in the development line something will just go wrong.

Any Marvel Story Where Spider-Man is Powerless:

This just goes without saying, but there are a lot of really great comics featuring the web-head that don't necessarily have him with powers. The Spider from 1602 for example, was a great comic, but I could hardly imagine how fun it would be to play any superhero game without those iconic abilities. Still you can never be so sure, development teams have made worse decisions before.

Now this isn't to say that the last two revealed worlds are guaranteed to be bad, there are still a lot of really great untouched universes out there to be explored. 2099, Ultimate, Spider-Girl, or even the House of M timeline would be a lot of fun to experience, and would offer a background plot that would be interesting enough to merit its own game. We won't know for sure how things will go for Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, but it looks like Activision might actually of done some homework on this one. Here's hoping that it's for the best.

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