The Scoop On Microsoft's 11 E3 Exclusive Titles

By Darryl Kaye on June 14, 2010, 3:47PM EDT

So, Microsoft's E3 press conference just finished up and they gave us the details on eleven exclusive titles that will be coming out on the Xbox 360. Only four of them are core games though, as seven of the titles will be coming out to work with the newly renamed Microsoft Kinect.

Out of the four core games, only one of them was actually a new title and Crackdown 2 was completely omitted from the press conference entirely - an interesting move for Microsoft, will it pay off? Who knows.

Either way, here's the low-down on Microsoft's eleven exclusive titles that were shown in their conference.

Gears of War 3

CliffyB took the stage to show off Gears of War 3 alongside three of his co-workers. They showed off the co-op gameplay and some of the new enemies that will be featured in the game. They also announced a new mode called 'Beast', which will be shown throughout E3. The game is currently scheduled for a 2011 release.

Fable 3

Although the demonstration was short, Peter Molyneux told gamers that Fable 3 would be a compelling experience with a fantastic story and cast. He didn't mention anything about 'Kinect-ablility', but there's still time for that. A brief trailer was shown, but it didn't really have anything new.

Codename Kingdoms

A completely new IP in conjunction with Crytek, the studio behind Crysis 2, Codename Kingdoms looks to be set in the era about Gladiators. Only a brief pre-rendered cutscene was shown though, and there was absolutely no hint about what type of gameplay the game will offer.

Halo: Reach

Halo: Reach featured gameplay involving the new weapons and enemies of the Halo Universe. New enemies and weapons is a slight exaggeration however, as the game is typically another Halo outing that we're all used to. Improved graphics and a tighter combat system has made Halo: Reach look like a better Halo game but without playing it, it's hard to tell. There's also some space sim stuff in there too.


One of Microsoft's key showings during the conference was all about the newly christiened Kinect, once known as Project Natal. The first game out on the demo stage was Kinectimals, a game all about playing with little furry animals. In fact, there's over 40 of them to play with and over 30 activities to do with the little critters. A young girl was out on stage to perform the demo, man-handling and playing skip rope with a tiger cub.

Kinect Sports

Kinect Sports looks to have players work out quite a bit, with the demo showing some track and field event and the on-stage presenters attempting to jump over hurdles. In addition to track and field, Kinect Sports is also bundled with other sports games like Volleyball, Tabletennis and Boxing.

Kinect Joy Ride

Following Kinect Sports was the demonstration of yet another Kinect title dubbed Kinect Joy Ride. Joy Ride was announced last year and was never heard of again until this week. Looks like players will be required to stretch out their hands as though they're holding a steering wheel to, well, steer the car. In addition to the standard racing mode, there's also a stunt mode where never-before-seen stunts can be performed.

Kinect Adventures!

Finally, the last first party Kinect title to be introduced, Kinect Adventures. The demo showed off two modes, an obstacle course mode and river rafting mode. Both showed a lot of physical movement like dodging and jumping in order to collect tokens laid out throughout the course.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is an obvious rival to the likes of Wii Fit and EA Sports Active, but the game unfortunately showed a lot of features that are similar to its rivals. It does have some differences however, it can make a full body scan to find out 'your shape' funnily enough and this aids the game to work out a fitness regime suited to the player. It looks a lot better than previous fitness games but looking better is not the point of the game.

Dance Central

Dance Central comes from Harmonix, the makers of Rock Band. It looks to really capitalise on the popularity of Just Dance, by teaching people proper dance routines to some of the most recognised tunes out there from artists like Lady Gaga. It also claims it's friendly for people with absolutely no dance experience.

Star Wars: Kinect

Microsoft also announced a collaboration with Lucastarts, introducing Star Wars Kinect. The trailer showed off some lightsaber and Force-usage action, deflecting laser blasts and cutting down stormtroopers and throwing objects at unsuspecting troops. The trailer ended with Darth Vader himself attacking the hero.

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