The Worst Bugs On Bad Company 2 Right Now Are...

By Adam Ma on March 13, 2010, 8:27PM EDT

Bad Company 2 has seen a lot of good press lately, as many happy gamers are thankful for a break from other FPS titles strewn with their own imbalances. Reasonably balanced classes, vehicles that are used for more then just camping a spawn point, and defined combat roles all work together to create an experience that's really hard to beat. Even better seems to be the community itself, which despite the amount of bugs that have been experienced, has taken everything in stride. While many of the experienced bugs can be blamed upon some occasional unruly server lag (or just a few bad servers as a whole), some glitches are much more difficult to deal with.

Amongst some of the more noteable frustrations are stabbing and having a knife not kill (this is simply due to server lag), being unable to spot an enemy player, and players may notice that the occasional login finds them completely missing their rank. Even worse is when a match starts with all your classes and unlocks completely reset, leaving players unable to access any other weapon you may have earned. Other players are reporting being kicked from matches early, or having a full match load-up only to send them right back to the Xbox Dashboard (or simply starting a full game crash).

Fortunately many of these issues are server-based, and while starting a game without any of your stats can be a frightening prospect, it's not always a permanent issue. Weapon load-outs and ranks will return mid match, or sometimes on the next login. Certainly not an answer to the issue, but its better than nothing until we get more word from EA/Dice on future patches.

Overall it's really nice to see EA taking a reasonably fast response to these issues, and as many of these problems are directly connected to the sheer demand the game (which naturally surpassed expectations) it's hard to land direct fault on EA. All of this has happened before however, as Infinity Ward also took quick measure to fix the game as quickly as possible - a feat still being worked on today. Fans of the series can only hope that Battlefield meets a different fate.

Here are a few of the more dominant bugs/glitches on both the console and PC versions of the game:

Rank/Weapon Load-outs disappearing

Sound suddenly disappearing

'Spotting' difficulties

Players being forced to the Xbox Dashboard

Parties joining a game on different teams/squads

HUD issues between weapon swaps

Delayed weapon swapping (changing to a kit item sometimes prevents the use of a weapon for a limited period)

Being able to knife through walls

It is possible to get stick against (or inside) some terrain.

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