Top 5 3DS Titles That Would Work Exceedingly Well

By Adam Ma on March 30, 2010, 6:18PM EDT

Nintendo has a habit of making hardware that becomes a global phenomenon, from the still popular Wii to the classic NES. The Gameboy series is no exception, and with Nintendo revealing the latest in 'must have' portable gaming we can only wonder what kind of games will it even support. No doubt Nintendo will have spent a lot of time researching fan favourites, games that would not only show off everything the 3DS is all about, but be must haves for any fans of handheld games. So here's a list of five games that would garner a day one purchase (if made exclusively for the 3DS) from me or anyone else that has good taste in games and would showcase the potential 3D graphics the best. The list is in no particular order.

Advance Wars

Every release system has a game that doesn't necessarily push game design to the limit, but does a great job showing off what the platform is capable of. The Advanced Wars series would be this to the 3DS. The series is one of the best turn-based strategy games ever made, and though it's fallen off the planet since the disappointing Days of Ruin was released, it would be nice to see a proper comeback. Being able to see a more detailed map, have more advanced terrain options, and maybe even some cooler combat sequences would be just the thing to reboot the franchise (hopefully back to its more light-hearted roots).

Trauma Center

Arriving during a period of time when turning regular jobs into over-the-top videogames was all the rage, Trauma Center took a combination of Operation and Max Payne's 'Bullet Time' to create one of the most memorable DS titles to date. That being said, it's been a couple years since the last Trauma Center game has hit the DS, and it seems just about time for a new handheld extension to the series. The trick would be more detail, being able to freely roam and search for injuries, or a more intense on-the-scene sort of medical assistance would also be fun. Assuming the 3DS is going to be stronger (graphically) then its younger DS siblings, there's a lot that could be done to the Trauma Center series on the handheld.

Super Paper Mario

This almost seems like a no-brainer, but platformers are something that Nintendo does really well. Be it in RPG format, or simply stomping on goombas, a Paper Mario title of some sort would be fantastic. It's not like the concept of being able to move 'behind' an object is unique to the platform game, but having a medium that would completely exploit the 2D-3D boundaries would be a blast to play. It could also lead up to a lot of fun multiplayer opportunities, as Mario games seem to be trying to offer these days.


No series has capitalized on Nintendo's gimmicks (and made them fun) as much as the Warioware series. A series of mini-games finely tuned to make motion controls and touch screens actually a part of the gameplay, rather then something that seems haphazardly inserted. I've not a doubt in my mind that any Warioware title for the 3DS would make full use of the mechanics in ways anyone would appreciate.


One of the few racing games that stands out for its wild level designs and creative cast of characters (including the popular Captain Falcon), the F-Zero series would make for a fantastic debut game on the 3DS. It would give Nintendo the chance to really show off what the machine is capable of, as well as give players a chance to race through an active volcano"¦ in 3D! It would also give handheld racing fans something to chew on that isn't Mario Kart, or a Mario Kart remake, which is always a welcome.

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