A Gamer's Holiday Gift Guide - Women's

By Lauren Alessandra on December 9, 2011, 9:36AM EDT

We're back again with Part 2 of our "˜Gamer's Holiday Gift Guide'. Last time we checked out some awesome nik-naks for the boys and today we're going to focus on the ladies. With the help of <a href="http://www.thinkgeek.com/index.shtml?cpg=cj&ref=&CJURL=&CJID=3549150"" target="_blank">ThinkGeek, we at GamingUnion.net hope to solve all of your holiday buying woes with a list of some interesting video game related products.

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If you're shopping for a certain female somebody, we think you'll find something you are sure to like. We still have three more lists to go so be sure to check back Monday for Part 3 which will focus on games for guys.

Anyway, here's the list and we hope you thoroughly enjoy perusing the various gaming delights that we've managed to dig up!

1. Girl's Guide to Dating a Geek - Check it Out! Wondering why your girl isn't understanding you? Why not buy her this adorable gag book "A Girl's Guide to Dating a Geek"? You can laugh and chat about all of the silly stereotypes and attributes that make geeks the adorably loving people they are.

2. Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons with Cherry Brains - Check it Out! Like Valentine's Day, the holidays are all about various types of goodies, especially chocolate. Treat your zombie lover to some chocolate zombie head bon bons and savour the taste of their brai- I mean cherry filling.

3. Minecraft Creeper Babydoll Tee "“ Check it Out! Fan of the Minecraft series? Why not bring it around with you while you're out and about with this Creeper babydoll tee. Scare off unsuspecting Minecraft fans and confuse the heck out of the grandparents.

4. Portal Cookie Cutters "“ Check it Out! Cookies are the best goodies, especially around the holidays. Incorporate baking and your love for Portal with these specialized cookie cutters. Bite into a fellow test subject or a trustee companion cube. Make your own Portal obstacles using a batch of cookies.

5. Super Mario Brothers Question Box Candy "“ Check it Out! Wish that life were as simple as a Super Mario Bros game? Bop your head on a Question Block and you get another life? Well with the Super Mario Bros Question Box Candy, you can enjoy a small piece of the Super Mario-verse. Of course, be aware that these will not give you extra lives, although they do taste of strawberries, which is more than enough.

6. Women's Trench Coat "“ Check it Out! It's hard to feel like the male protagonists in your favorite games when you're actually a girl. However, with this trench coat you can at least feel a bit like Adam Jenson in Deus Ex. It's a bit of a splurge, but well worth the asking price.

7. USB Mushroom Lamp "“ Check it Out! If you want something get something that's cute and useful for your girl this year, why not buy her a USB Mushroom Lamp? These lamps make the perfect edition to any girl's desk and will also be able to plug into her computer.

8. Cloud Keychain - Check it Out!
It's about time people accept that Cloud is just too attractive to just be a video game character, so why not carry him around on your cell phone? This adorable little guy would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for anyone looking for some smaller gifts.

9. Plants vs. Zombies Plush - Check it Out! It might not be a Squishable, but it's 2/3's cheaper and just as cute! The Sun-Shroom doll is sure to make any sleeping experience a pleasant one with its constant joyful expression and fluffy insides.

10. Companion Cube Plush - Check it Out! Though you probably would want to cuddle the real thing, this Companion Cube plush is great to have around when you're feeling blue. All you have to do is remember how much fun you had while playing portal and, of course, SPAAAAACE! It's so girlie, even Brian has one!

If you haven't already, Check Out Part 1.

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