Clan Night Recap: Uncharted 2 Birthday Fun

By Astharis on March 27, 2011, 7:09AM EDT

It wouldn't be a Saturday night without a regular (and possibly prescribed) dose of Uncharted 2 Multiplayer. This week I hosted a plethora of matches for a reduced cast of patients with the roster sheet showing the birthday boy Damian, Razgriz, Laguz, Colonel Colon, and completing the group we had Eskimo Keith and Kiwiifed sharing a controller. Just one too many to unleash us upon public matches, but instead we played a good handful of 3v3 games.

Now if you've ever played UC2 on a clan night, you will know that it is customary that we begin with a warm-up on Train Wreck whilst touting RPGs. It's not about which team wins, but more so who can kill their own team mates the most. No spawn point is safe. It's not a matter of skill or even rules; if you see something moving off in the distant snow storm "“ shoot it! Once we got our thirst for friendly fire out of the way, we quickly moved on to a whole range of matches covering all the available maps. However, we found that there were some connection issues, causing several matches to end prematurely. This included a plunder match where we were running around trying to find some treasure that had never been placed.

Highlight matches involved all five of us against Colin solo and armed with M32-Hammers. Colin's tactics involved sticking to his spawn point in a small room in the Temple and waiting for us all to hunt him down and earning himself a few kills for every time we gunned him down. Speaking of camping, I decided that I'd be entirely safe hiding at the top of one of the buildings on the Sanctuary during a Shotguns only match. Whilst wildly shooting at Damian down in the centre of the map, wondering whether the range of the weapon would reach that far, Eskimo Keith stealthily climbed up and performed a pull down. Although I had previously announced on voice chat where I was hiding and what I was doing, I had to take my hat off to him for the initiative.

Of course, we also played some more serious matches, including the old favourite of Sniper Rifles on Lost City. The announcement of such always produces cheers and groans, which shows how loved and hated the game mode is, but the end score showed that practice has honed our skills somewhat, with Damian, Eskimo Keith and Razgriz just edging out with 50 to 44. Well played lads. We also managed to get plunder to work in the Ice Cave, where Colin, Laguz and I dominated, showing that playing as a team really does work... if you include us all shouting at each other "THROW IT" as team work.

So what did we learn from tonights festivities? Damian really needs to practice his parkour skills. As a group we all want to see if we can go down en masse with the falling train on the Train Wreck map. Tank deaths on the Village map (as always) are the stuff of dreams. And with a reduced set of gamers, it was remarkably less chaotic than usual so we actually got a good balance of proper games to our more "experimental" tactics. Good game, boys and girls. Same bat time, same bat channel next weekend.

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