E3 2011: Microsoft Press Conference Live Blog

By Darryl Kaye on June 6, 2011, 12:07PM EDT

What did you guys think about the Microsoft press conference? Let us know in the comments and we'll see you later for the Sony conference.

11:00 - There you have it people, the Microsoft press conference has now come to a close. To recap: Microsoft announced a ton of new Kinect titles, including Dance Central 2, Kinect Sports: Season Two and Fable: The Journey. They also revealed Halo Anniversary aand Halo 4, which will compliment Gears of War 3 - no other core exclusives though. EA and Ubisoft showed off some support for their core titles which will use Kinect and Modern Warfare 3 and Tomb Raider got their first gameplay footage.

11:00 - Trailer didn't get a huge reception, probably not the bang Microsoft were hoping to go out with. The earlier leak didn't help their cause though.

10:59 - Yes, it's Halo 4.

10:59 - Yes, it's bad.

10:59 - Yes, it's big.

10:58 - Now it's time for a project which he says will usher in a new dawn for the Xbox 360 with a new trilogy.

10:57 - Claims that Xbox 360 will become the best selling console globally this year.

10:56 - Modern Warfare 3's DLC will continue to be a timed-exclusive on Xbox 360.

10:54 - Don's back on stage. Sounds like he's rounding the conference out.

10:53 - Will feature multiplayer dancing. He's not dancing this time. Shame

10:52 - The guy who did the famous Dance Central dance is now back on stage to talk about Dance Central 2.

10:51 - Now two guys are on to show off American Football.

10:50 - Voice commands can be used to change clubs easily when playing golf. Full body gestures now available too.

10:50 - There will be six new sports, like skiing and tennis.

10:49 - Kinect Sports: Season Two's debut trailer is now lighting up the stage.

10:48 - Kinect Fun Labs is live today, available to all Xbox Live members with Kinect.

10:46 - Yes, yes it does. It took long enough.

10:45 - Object Capture sounds like it might actually exist now!

10:44 - Sounds weird, but it's actually pretty cool. Allows you to draw in 3D!

10:44 - Now it's Kinect Finger Tracking.

10:43 - Once such example is "people scanning". It allows you to make an avatar that looks just like you.

10:42 - Has announced Kinect Fun Labs. Allows you to check out new gadgets for Kinect.

10:41 - BAM, now Kudo Tsunoda is on stage.

10:40 - This is so cute!

10:39 - Elmo and the Cookie Monster are awesome. Fact.

10:38 - A very cute game to play with your kids.

10:37 - Tim Schafer is now talking about the new Sesame Street game.

10:36 - A few gestures have been shown off, like ducking and jumping. Doesn't seem very impressive though. Initial cheers turrned into light applause.

10:34 - Now it's time for a live demo. Seems rather glitchy.

10:34 - It will contain elements from all of the films.

10:33 - A huge cheer just went up, it's Kinect: Star Wars.

10:30 - Coby and Jake are now showing us Alice in Wonderland.

10:29 - They're showing us how you can go on Peter Pan's flight.

10:28 - New "game": Disneyland Adventures. You will be able to visit Disneyland without even going there.

10:27 - Phil Spencer is back, he mentioned three things. Minecraft. Xbox 360 exclusive. Kinect.

10:26 - There are a ton of different combinations/gestures for making spells.

10:25 - Seems like a first person experience designed specifically for Kinect.

10:24 - He's introducing a new Fable game called Fable: The Journey.

10:24 - It's Peter Molyneux!

10:23 - Will feature Kinect head tracking, so you can look around the car.

10:23 - Graphics look absolutely stunning.

10:23 - Now Turn 10 are on to talk about Forza 4.

10:22 - It will be called Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

10:21 - Fully remastered campaign, co-op over Xbox Live, and seven multiplayer maps.

10:20 - Halo theme is now playing. It's Halo HD.

10:19 - Swords, shields and even headbutts being thrown.

10:19 - Yes, it's Kingdoms and there's some hardcore melee action going down.

10:18 - Some rather gruesome gameplay now being shown, it could be Kingdoms.

10:17 - Ice T's band is going to do a song to commorate Horde Mode.

10:16 - To retaliate, the sea monster ate a container. That showed them.

10:15 - Harsh, they're shooting it in the eye!

10:14 - They're trying to get some Silverbacks to take down a rather gruesome looking sea monster.

10:12 - He's gonna do some co-op with rapper Ice T.

10:12 - "What's up guys?" says CliffyB.

10:11 - He's starting with Gears of War 3. Says it's the biggest exclusive of the year.

10:10 - He's talking about how Xbox is all about games you can't find anywhere else. Everything from now on will be Xbox exclusive.

10:10 - Phil Spencer is on from Microsoft Studios.

10:09 - Dana White, the president of UFC is now on the stage. They've struck a deal with Microsoft.

10:08 - Best command ever: "Xbox, Go Home."

10:06 - This new Xbox Experience will be live this fall.

10:06 - Xbox Live TV will allow you to stream live TV on Xbox 360.

10:05 - More partnerships to come in the coming months.

10:04 - Bing search engine will also be on Xbox 360. Although it will only search through entertainment mediums. Just say "Xbox Bing Lego" and it will bring up Lego related media. Seems pretty cool!

10:04 - YouTube is now a partner with Xbox 360.

10:02 - Showing off a new controller free dashboard.

10:02 - Marc Whitten from Xbox Live is now here to talk about entertainment.

10:01 - All future Tom Clancy titles will use Kinect in some way.

10:00 - Kinect can also be used to aim and fire weapons. Opening and closing your hand determines whether you fire or not.

9:59 - Kinect will be used to help customise weapons - there will be over 20 million options. Audience seems to like this idea.

9:58 - Ubisoft's core games will support Kinect for core titles, like Ghost Recon.

9:57 - Demo ends and Yves Guillermot, founder of Ubisoft, is talking about Ubisoft's support for the platform.

9:56 - Now it's Ubisoft's turn for a spot at the limelight with what looks to be Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

9:55 - Gameplay footage shows Shepard being assaulted by a huge mech. More will be shown at the EA press conference.

9:54 - In battle, you can issue commands like "Liara, move up."

9:53 - It works by you saying what the dialogue option states - what you'd just select with the controller.

9:53 - You will be able to interact with your squad members by talking to them.

9:52 - Mass Effect 3 will support Kinect through voice reconigition.

9:52 - Mass Effect 3 - it's all about kick ass action.

9:52 - BioWare take to the stage. It's one of the Dr.s

9:51 - Other games coming to Kinect, like The Sims.

9:50 - Four EA Sports games wll be used on Kinect. Tiger Woods, Madden, FIFA and one other.

9:50 - Now it's Peter Moore's turn to try and wow us. Makes a joke about being back on the Microsoft E3 stage.

9:49 - More quicktime events before she manages to escape. No combat or weapons shown throughout the demo though.

9:47 - She's still trying to escape, using fire to help her solve some puzzles.

9:45 - Lara finds herself in a rather awkward spot, but manages to escape. Quicktime events galore.

9:43 - Gameplay footage shown for the first time, takes place at the start of the game.

9:43 - Crystal Dynamics take to the stage to show off a world premier of Tomb Raider.

9:42 - Showing off the hottest blockbuster games, Kinect and entertainment choices.

9:42 - Don Mattrick just took to the stage.

9:41 - Reiterated the 8th of November release date, then they left together.

9:41 - Robert is on stage with Glen Schofield from Sledgehammer Games.

9:40 - Dingy just went straight into a helicopter. This is some extreme action.

9:38 - Now out of the submarine, on a dingy going through a massive set piece on the water.

9:37 - A nice slow-motion breach goes down.

9:36 - Start infiltrating the submarine. Water effects look solid, some destructible scenery too.

9:35 - Submarine gets blown up - surfaces next to guy.

9:34 - Tension is building.

9:32 - Robert Bowling (Infinity Ward's community manager) is showing off gameplay footage but his controller disconnects.

9:31 - Modern Warfare 3 starts off the conference, leading with the big guns.

9:31 - The briefing is about to begin!

The wait is almost over people, Mirosoft's press conference is almost upon us and hopefully it sets the standard for the rest of the show.

They've already shot themselves in the foot a bit due to some technical issues on their website this morning which saw Halo 4 and Halo HD leaked. But expect plenty more to come from the publisher as they try to take the attention away from Project Cafe and the NGP.

Updates will begin at around 9:15am - 9:30am PST, but feel free to speculate in the comments section until that "Fabled" time. We all love a good bit of speculation.

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