E3 2011: Nintendo Press Conference

By Shawn Collier on June 7, 2011, 11:57AM EDT
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Look forward to our E3 coverage over the remainder of this week!

10:13 - Looks like they're wrapping up.

10:10 - EA Sports will be on the new console with exclusive features, apparently. Seems like Nintendo's online capabilities for the system won't be as bad as the Wii's.

10:09 - EA is on the stage for the first time at a Nintendo conference.

10:04 - EA's bit of this trailer confirmed that there is a new console, this isn't just an Wii accessory.

10:01 - Seems they're showing off minigame tech demos.

9:59 - They're showing off a trailer to showcase the system.

9:57 - Smash Bros on 3DS and Wii U! They will be working together in some fashion.

9:55 - Miyamoto is talking about the system.

9:53 - Apparently there won't be any latency issues when streaming to the controller.

9:51 - Backwards compatible with all Wii games and accessories. Has two analog sticks, two back triggers buttons, d-pad, touch screen, speakers, microphone and accelerometers.

9:50 - Confirmed for a 2012 release. Will have a 6.2-inch screen.

9:49 - Video calling confirmed. Can also share between the TV and controller.

9:47 - You can use a stylus, motion controls and touch. Can also act like a second screen in some games.

9:46 - Yes, apparently it is. They're showcasing the controller at the moment. Seems like a lot of the rumors were true, including the switching to the TV to screen.

9:45 - Is the system named Wii U?

9:44 - Cafe time, maybe?

9:42 - Nintendo's showcasing the Pokedex 3D application. It's available exclusively on the eShop and is available now.

9:41 - Downloadable and retail titles will both get trailers on the eShop. Pre-NES titles will be available for the shop at some time in the future.


9:39 - Nintendo is showing off third party titles at the moment.

9:37 - Luigi's Mansion 2 is next up. Seems like the areas are much more varied than the original. Will include several new mansions, unlike the original which only featured one.

9:34 - Kid Icarus: Uprising is next up. Will have 3-on-3 multiplayer battles and you can choose what weapon you wield. Seems Nintendo will be releasing AR cards themed after the game. Will be released later this year.

9:32 - Super Mario 3D is next up. Looks very similar to Mario Galaxy, but on a handheld. Will be coming out before the end of the year.

9:31 - Star Fox 64 3DS is the next game up. Apparently the game will record your face live for your avatar in multiplayer. Coming this September.

9:30 - Looks like there's handgliders and the ability to ride under the water. You can also tweak out specific parts of your karts.

9:29 - Mario Kart for Nintendo 3DS is on stage.

9:28 - All five of those games will be available on 3DS and will be playable on the show floor.

9:27 - Is your body ready? Reggie's on stage.

9:26 - Luigi's Mansion 3DS?

9:26 - Mario 3DS on stage.


9:25 - Mario Kart 3DS is on stage.

9:24 - Waiting till later to announce it, apparently...

9:23 - New platform info coming soon. Says it will have a "deeper" and "wider" experience.

9:22 - Iwata is on stage.

9:18 - There will be 25th Anniversary Zelda concerts around the world this Fall. Dates will be coming later. There will also be two Zelda music CDs. First is the OST for Ocarina of Time 3DS and will be available to those who register the game during the initial launch, the other will be centered around the anniversary as a whole.

9:16 - Skyward Sword will be available this holiday season for Wii.

9:16 - Four Swords will be available for free on the Nintendo DSi Shop this fall. Four players can play.

9:14 - Link's Awakening will be the first classic title available in the eShop.

9:12 - More Zelda music!

9:11 - That song was the theme song for the opening for Skyward Sword.

9:10 - Miyamoto is on stage.

9:08 - Nintendo's starting off the conference with some Zelda music.

9:04 - Apparently Iwata will be tweeting live during the event.

9:02 - Looks like they're still getting ready.

Yesterday, both Microsoft and Sony held their own press conferences. Now it's time for Nintendo to take the stage to show off their next home console, currently code-named "Cafe".

Updates will start as soon as the conference begins, but until then, be sure to offer up your predictions for Nintendo's conference. Do you think they can top last year?

All times are in Pacific Standard Time (PST). Conference should begin at 9:00am PST.

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