E3 2011: Sony Press Conference Live Blog

By Darryl Kaye on June 6, 2011, 8:01PM EDT

Be sure to check back tomorrow morning for our live blog of Nintendo's event.

7:00 - So, we got to see Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and a new Move game called Medieval Moves. There was also a new Sly Cooper game announced and Starhawk was shown off. From here, Sony went on to talk about some exclusive content deals on games like BioShock Infinite and Dust 516 before moving on to PlayStation Vita. Sony's new portable system will retail for $249 and will feature tons of new features.

6:59 - Conference is rounded out by another montage.

6:59 - So that's it for Sony. No surprise announcements aside from the Vita price point.

6:58 - Jack's back, and he mocks Kaz for his Riiiidge Racer line.

6:57 - Reception seems very positive.

6:57 - Will release this holiday season. It will cost $249 (€249) for the WiFi only version. The 3G version will cost $299.

6:56 - Kaz declares that virtually every major publisher has signed up to develop for the Vita.

6:53 - We've now got a montage of loads of upcoming Vita games. Including Wipeout, Everybody's Golf, Your Fighter and a new Dynasty Warriors title.

6:51 - As with the 3DS version of Street Fighter IV, you can use the touch pad to perform moves more easily.

6:50 - Cole is now being shown off by Ono, the face of Street Fighter.

6:49 - They are making a version of the game for PlayStation Vita. Yes, Street Fighter vs Tekken will be on Vita. Cole from inFamous will also be featured in the game.

6:48 - Street Fighter x Tekken is now taking the stage.

6:44 - A new LittleBigPlanet game will appear on the PlayStation Vita.

6:43 - There will be cross-platform functionality. Including the new Wipeout.

6:42 - The whole experience is seemless, very impressive.

6:40 - It will feature a very simple track creator, which will be integrated with the touch screen.

6:39 - Now we're on ModNation Racers for PlayStation Vita. It's not a port of either previous game, it's a completely new iteration.

6:36 - It will be a cloud game, so you can play it on the Vita. Then go over to the PS3 and continue exactly where you left off.

6:35 - Looks a lot like Diablo. But it will be an interactive world where other players compete against you.

6:34 - Travis Williams from Sony San Diego is on to talk about it.

6:34 - The game talked about is called Ruin.

6:34 - Now they're introduxing a new genre, the "social action RPG".

6:33 - Demo just ended, seems quite impressive.

6:31 - One such example is that to climb, you can drag your finger across elements. Drake will then follow the path you set out.

6:30 - It will feature touch controls, but will also play exactly like Uncharted on PS3. You can use either sets whenever you want.

6:29 - Uncharted: Golden Abyss is now being shown by Sony Bend. They started development 2 years ago.

6:28 - Kaz is talking a bit about social features.

6:25 - Vita will be partnered with AT&T, which has been meeted with a very mixed reception.

6:23 - The rumours were true, NGP will be called PlayStation Vita.

6:23 - PSP is still going to keep going for a few years yet, even after NGP release.

6:22 - Sony are going to link up the NGP with Sony android phones through PlayStation Suite.

6:21 - He's talking about how the PSP lead the way for what's about to come. How when the PSP releases, phones were bad, but now they're better.

6:20 - Now it's NGP time. Kaz Hirai has taken over from Jack Tretton.

6:18 - Jack Tretton is now talking about EA games which include exclusive PS3 content. SSX (special map), Need for Speed: The Run (additional super cars) and Battlefield 3 (comes with Battlefield 1943).

6:15 - There will be a game coming out in conjunction with the new JJ Abrams Star Trek film. It will even feature a Phaser-styled Move peripheral.

6:14 - Saints Row 3 now, which will feature exclusive content on PS3.

6:14 - If you buy BioShock Infinite on PS3, you will also get the original BioShock for free.

6:13 - He just introduced the NGP, which will feature a new BioShock title from Irrational Games.

6:12 - Sounds like BioShock Infinite will be having Move support.

6:12 - He wasn't all that positive, but Sony called him up spoke to him. He said they don't do motion games, we do core stuff.

6:11 - Ken Levine is now on the stage. He's talking about what he said about PlayStation Move.

6:10 - We're also told that the trailer was made completely from in-game footage.

6:10 - Yes, it's BioShock Infinite with some rather creepy story gameplay.

6:10 - Irrational Games logo now, BioShock Infinite?

6:09 - Dust 514 looks pretty sweet too. It will see a full release in Spring 2012 with a beta at the end of this year.

6:06 - Ok, apparently not. They're making it Dust 514 for PS3, which will link up with the PC version. It will also feature Move and will link up with the NGP.

6:05 - That's enough of the exclusives for now, so we've going to look at third-party support now. And we're starting with the CEO of CCP, who make EVE Online.

6:04 - It will be releasing in 2012.

6:03 - Now we're getting a look at a brand new exclusive... Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time. Sucker Punch are going to be busy.

6:01 - With an OnlyOn PlayStation logo, Starhawk is introduced.

6:00 - In September, LittleBigPlanet 2 will also get enhanced Move support.

6:00 - inFamous 2 will get a user-generated content system this fall, which will also support PlayStation Move.

5:58 - Now we're on inFamous 2, which releases tomorrow in North America.

5:57 - Medieval Moves will release Fall 2011. It's from the same people who made Sports Champions.

5:56 - They're showing off how the weapon system works, but the guy speaking sounds rather bored with the whole thing.

5:53 - Now we've looking at a new game called Medieval Moves.

5:52 - Kobe has made a few jokes to interact with the crowd, but he's having fun.

5:49 - Kobe Bryant is now on stage to talk about Move support for NBA 2K12 from 2K Sports.

5:46 - Now Jack is talking about Move. 8.8 million units shifted worldwide.

5:45 - They're releasing a bundle which will include some new glasses, a PS3 exclusive, a 60ft HDMI cable and the 24-inch 3DTV. It will cost $499.

5:44 - Jack just gave the first info on products that will make 3D more affordable. They will be affordable and you will be able to do proper split-screen without splitting it in half.

5:42 - Jack is now talking about HD collections. God of War Origins and Shadow of the Colossus (+ICO). They will also both be in 3D.

5:42 - There will be a Resistance 3 sharpshooter bundle for $150.

5:41 - Demo was a bit short, didn't show off too much. Marcus' jokes were also terrible (sorry Marcus, but they were!)

5:39 - Auger shield has been changed again. Now it's more horizontal instead of vertical and round.

5:39 - Graphics look much improved, some new enemies also appearing including shield drones.

5:38 - They're showing a demo which is set in St. Louis where Capelli meets the remnants, a group of humans who're fighting the Chimera.

5:37 - Marcus Smith from Insomniac Games has now taken the stage to show off Resistance 3.

5:36 - Some new characters introduced, Elena, Sulley and Chloe return.

5:35 - 3D trailer now, featuring some story elements.

5:34 - Now talking about multiplayer. They've also struck a deal with Sony to allow people to play the multiplayer early.

5:33 - Demo ends with Drake running away from a water torrent.

5:32 - Now he's stuck underwater with something on him. Not a good situation for our protagonist.

5:30 - He creates an explosion which causes a hull breach - the entire ship is affected. Water is creeping in, causing the boat to sink.

5:30 - Drake is cornered, but manages to find a way out typically.

5:28 - All of the elements on the boat are rocking with the momentum of the sea. The lighting is even being affected by the swaying chandeliers.

5:28 - Drake is on a boat in the middle of a storm. It looks stunning - unbelieveable really.

5:27 - Naughty Dog's co-presidents Evan and Christophe are now on stage to talk about Drake's Deception.

5:26 - Leads into Uncharted, talks about how it started in 2007 and went to Among Thieves.

5:25 - As well as Netflix, PS3 will be partnering with CinemaNow.

5:23 - Finally, Tretton apologises personally to consumers for the outage. Without consumers, there is no PlayStation.

5:22 - Also thanked retail partners for their support too, allowing sales to increase despite the outage.

5:22 - Thanked third-party companies for their support throughout the crisis.

5:22 - Jack has started off by talking about the PlayStation Network. Made a joke about members of the press making the most out of it.

5:20 - Montage has ended, it's time for Jack Tretton to take to the stage.

5:19 - The montage has now moved on to the PSP, after showing off a ton of clips from crucial third-party games like Final Fantasy XIII-2, Skyrim and Dark Souls.

5:18 - First the montage was about Core games, then it went towards Move.

5:17 - A nice montage is starting off the show to some topical dub-step music.

5:16 - And we're off. Go Go Go.

5:12 - I think we might be starting at any moment fingers crossed

5:03 - Conference is running a little bit late. Hopefully it starts soon.

We've had Microsoft's press conference earlier today and Ubisoft and Electronic Arts have come since then. Now it's time for Sony to take the stage though, for what should be a 2 hour conference.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is expected to lead the way in this conference, which will also look to talk about the PlayStation Network and Sony's new portable system dubbed the NGP Vita.

Updates will start as soon as the conference begins, but until then, be sure to offer up your predictions for Sony's conference. Do you think they can top last year?

All times are in Pacific Standard Time (PST). Conference should begin at 5:00PST.

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