E3 2011: Sony Press Conference Predictions

By Colin Tan on June 6, 2011, 3:53PM EDT

Microsoft's presser is done. Up next from the big three is Sony, and they certainly have quite a bit to talk about tonight. Here are our predictions on Sony's presser.

Darryl Kaye: Everyone knows by now that Sony's press conference (and total event) will last for approximately 5 hours. And it's something they need. It's been a torrid time for Sony as of late and there are fans who have shifted their allegiance, or at least lost faith in the company. This is the perfect chance for Sony to mend some bridges. The PlayStation Portable will likely take a back seat, with the NGP (Vita?) taking the limelight. But Sony also has to keep up with the exclusive title's too. It's hard to see a conference without live demos of Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3, but Sony may be tempted to get Starhawk up there too. I'm not expecting to see a great deal of PlayStation Move though. It might get a few looks here and there, but that's about it.

Colin Tan: Sony's presser can go two ways. The really awkward way, mostly with thanks to the whole PlayStation Network debacle, or the really impressive way, despite the aforementioned problem since Sony has easily one of the largest lineups at E3 this year. Not only are they showcasing more of already announced titles, but they have a slew of unannounced surprises just waiting to explode. Not to mention, Sony will be showcasing the NGP this year as well. From Uncharted 3, Starhawk, Resistance 3, Golden Abyss, The Last Guardian and probably way too many more, I'm willing to bet the star of E3 2011 will indeed be PlayStation.

Adam Ma: If there's one thing that makes me excited to turn on my PS3, it's the console exclusives and this year there are two above anything else I'm willing to bet will blow me away: The Last Guardian and Twisted Metal. We may not know much about The Last Guardian, but to say that Team ICO is unfamiliar with delivering a strong narrative is a bit unfair. Same goes for Twisted Metal, at least as far as gameplay is concerned. Eat Sleep Play have added a whole ton of features, including helicopters, drive-by's, transforming vehicles and whatnot. It'll be nice to walk away from this E3 with more information on both these titles.

Jordan Douglas: Sony will start off their press conference by addressing the elephant in the room, the PSN meltdown, and no, they will not make light of it. This is certainly not the subject for a rousing Kevin Butler speech. What they will do is show everyone what they've been missing while PSN was down, maybe announce some enhanced functionality. Hopefully, a slew of PS3 titles will follow - Uncharted, Resistance, Twisted Metal, etc. - and a few surprise reveals for good measure. I'll bet a teaser will show up on either Bungie, Insomniac or Respawn's mysterious projects. Sony also has the NGP, Move and 3D to talk about. E3 2011 will be NGP's coming out party, with the announcement of a firm price and release date. I'll guess $299 and spring 2012 in North America. Move will take a backseat and 3D will be a major focus even though only a handful of people outside E3 will ever see the effort. Uncharted 3 may look spectacular in 3D, but if there aren't any TVs to support the functionality out there, it could be difficult to justify.

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