E3 2011: What To Realistically Expect From Hideo Kojima

By Adam Ma on May 19, 2011, 5:10PM EDT

Hideo Kojima is one of the strongest names in the gaming industry, and there's very little that he touches that doesn't become a massive hit. So naturally with E3 slowly creeping up around the corner, everyone is starting to wonder what the big developers are up to. With Kojima, things are really no different. It doesn't matter if he's directing, publishing, writing, or really just hanging around eating pizza. If he's somehow associated with a game, everyone wants in on it. Naturally the man plays this to his advantage, making sure not to let too much information out before any kind of official announcements are to be made, but that doesn't stop us from seeing the signs - or at the very least, it doesn't stop us from hoping and praying that he'll finally release Zone of the Enders 3 this year.

Perhaps not ZoE3, but it would be fairly realistic to expect a remake or HD port of the original two. Why not? For as much as the game has hit cult status, I find that most people who sing its praises never actually got the chance to experience either title. Understandably so, since they were both made in relatively limited numbers, regardless of wide reception there are still quite a few people out there who would give the game a shot simply to catch up; not to mention those who would like a chance to play the game without sinking over a hundred dollars into a new copy on Amazon and eBay, or those who would simply like a shot at seeing the final fight between Jehuty and Anubis in High Definition. A remake of both games would be relatively inexpensive to do, and would serve as a good means of testing to see how well a third game would truly sell. If production value and cost have been a concern for Kojima, this would be the easy solution into seeing how much fans would truly support the series.

Though everyone does enjoy a good Metal Gear game/movie, it's very hard to envision exactly where the series is supposed to go beyond Rising. Kojima has had quite a large string of successes when it comes to portable titles and we can certainly expect a little more expansion on the already announced Snake Eater 3D, which has had some pretty limited information released so far. It may not be a brand new title, but for 3DS owners it's certainly a chance to enjoy the Metal Gear saga in a different dimension, and perhaps it'll give Kojima the chance to work around with 3D enough to decide to take a step further. Botkai for example, is a series that would certainly be able to really flourish visually on such a handheld system, perhaps even finding new and interesting ways to make use of the platform's camera or gyroscope.

But as for a brand new Metal Gear, portable or otherwise, I don't think E3 2011 will be the time and place for a new game, especially if he's looking to confer any sort of confidence into his current lead development staff. Coming from the man himself, Kojima has taken the time to say that much of the development of Rising will be handled by his existing staff with his own input being extremely limited. The show of confidence certainly helps fans of the series accept a different director/producer when it comes to including the game into the MGS canon, but it can also be seen as a sign of Kojima looking to finally distance himself from his beloved series. It's almost sad to consider in a way, but if the man truly wants to move on then passing the torch via a AAA title that doesn't feature his flagship series' iconic character, Solid Snake, is the best route to take.

This isn't to say that Kojima is a man that's been lacking creatively up until his point. Now is the time for him to spread his wings and fly as a developer, as the man is clearly capable of digging up impressively immersive concepts for new and existing IPs. To suggest that he would let this E3 pass without continuing to fan the flames for his existing concepts is pretty silly, but Kojima has already taken the time to let us all know that he has something big planned for us all. By big, of course, he likely means being Playstation 3 exclusive, and perhaps even being a unique IP altogether. There's a chance that either one of those things won't come to pass, but I would be willing to at least suggest that, at the very least, it's a brand new concept. Perhaps he'll be chasing his PS3/NGP cloud gaming future?

With so many of his titles being re-released already, and the Metal Gear series being guided by different hands, it makes sense that Kojima would want to start up a new series now. Besides, if it was any of his prior titles being brought back as a new design I'm sure he would bait his fans a little more. The man is a pretty good sport when it comes to keeping up with his general audience, especially on Twitter, so lets hope that all his taunting will hold up and give us something new to chew on. If nothing else he owes us for the general disappointment that was Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

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