League of Legends Blog: AD Janna FTW!

By Darryl Kaye on March 28, 2011, 4:02PM EDT

Let me just start off by saying that if you haven't heard of League of Legends by now, shame on you. Then again, when I first heard about the game in 2009 I had no idea what it was either, or even what Defense of the Ancients (DotA) was. To fill you in though, DotA is a mod for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. It's a primarily PvP based experience which pits 5 players against each other.

I'm not a massive PvP gamer, but something about League of Legends drew me in, and I've been hooked since the game was released in October 2009. So, considering I play the game so much, and there's so much to enjoy about it, I figured I'd start talking about the things I'm doing on it, the champions I'm trying out and stuff like that. Hopefully you find it interesting! If not, well, I'm still having fun anyway.

This week I did a mixture of ranked and normal games. This is mostly because you can only play ranked games with either one friend, or four friends. Playing normal games allows you to play with any number in between. Ranked games are also a massive step-up in difficulty, so in normal games you can experiment and just relax a bit more - there's not as much pressure.

In recent times, Amumu has been my champion of choice. I've never really got on all that well with damage dealing champions as I don't have all that much self-preservation. I like to throw myself in there, but when you're playing a damage dealer, you're generally a bit squishy unless you're quite cautious. That's why Amumu is perfect. He deals a lot of subtle damage through his abilities, but he can also be damn hard to kill.

I started off the week playing a ranked match, which I was pretty solid in. Then I played a normal match with good old Juxtor, who goes by Aleroth in-game. I started off pretty poorly, going 0-4 as I was just messing about in our lane against Shaco and Shen, but I managed to recover pretty nicely and ended up 11-4. Over the next few days, we did some games with Lauren, aka Fozzie, aka Xanderfiend in-game as she got her Katarina on and I only really had one bad game - a ranked match where my team were severely out-matched. That's one of the downsides of being a tank really, you aren't a carry. So if you aren't that strong in comparison to the opposition, you'll die fairly easily in team fights if your team can't do their job... which my team couldn't.

The next day I played two ranked matches, although I forced to change champion for the second match. Unlike Amumu, Janna is actually a support champion. She doesn't deal a huge amount of damage, and is basically there to harass the opposition and aid the champions on your team. Despite winning, I didn't really do that well though, as 7-7-14 isn't that great of a score. I died way too many times, and I was fortunate to get as many kills as I did to compensate for it.

In the next game, I went 15-20-31 as Janna, and it was an amazing match. Lauren and I were joined by two friends of ours, who we often play with on League of Legends - MewMewRoar and DauntlessStrife. I decided that I'd try something stupid, and that was a Janna (who's a support caster) built around attack damage - the opposite of what you'd expect. Naturally there were a few "this guy's a retard" comments flying around, but the ironic thing is that out of all the ranged champions in the game, I got the most kills. The game was also brilliant because it was so close. At one point, we were all dead and their Kog-Maw was attacking our Nexus, but the Minions killed him before he could finish it off. We then went on to win the game after that! I really want to test out AD Janna a bit more in the future, and actually play her properly, because she has the potential to be a real bitch due to her harassing abilities.

After that, I decided to check out another tank, Rammus, the tank that everyone hates. Out of all the tanks, Rammus is probably the biggest bitch. He has a harsh taunt, one of his moves significantly increases his defense, and his ultimate does a ton of AoE damage without people really noticing. However, when I first checked him out a long time ago, I just didn't get him. I have a much stronger "tank" mentality now though, so I used that to actually play rather well as Rammus. Even when I started off badly, I was still a pretty formidable engager and despite receiving abuse from my own team, in the end they actually praised my abilities, which was nice.

So here are my results for the week, much better than they usually are. Played 12, Won 11, Lost 1. To be fair though, only four of those matches were ranked. I was still sporting a kill-to-death ratio of around 1.6 though, which is good when playing support and tank classes, so I'm pretty happy with that. Hopefully I can maintain this kind of form going into next week. Oh yea, I also managed to score my 300th win in a normal game during the week too!

See you next week for more League of Legends fun. Maybe we'll have the new champion, Lee Sin, to play around with by then.

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