League of Legends Blog: Boom, It's Time For Season Two

By Darryl Kaye on November 28, 2011, 7:28PM EDT

It certainly has been quite a while since my last League of Legends blog, but that doesn't mean I've been out of the scene. Granted, I haven't had as much time to play as I would have liked, but I'm here now to talk about the launch of Season Two.

For those who aren't in the know, Season Two isn't just a fancy name for the second full "phase" of League of Legends. No, it's the start of the next competitive season. But that's not all, as Riot Games has also taken the chance to mix things around a little bit. This means another redesigned launcher, some new music and some new masteries and summoner spells.

The changes aren't too drastic, but you'll have to re-tweak your Masteries to compensate. The different trees will feel familiar (aside from the new artwork), but the ordering is all rather different. For example, in the "Defense" tree, you can now add a maximum of +30 health, with one point. Before, you could stack this up with multiple points.

Overall, it feels as though the Masteries are now much more direct. The Offensive skills are much more offensive, but the Defensive skills are much more defensive to compensate. It feels like the move could make the game a little bit harder for newer players, but there's nothing wrong with learning the hard way.

Summoner Spells have also benefited from some updated artwork and we've got two new spells: Surge and Promote. Those who have been playing for quite some time will recognise that Promote was an original spell, but it was removed from the roster due to people exploiting it. Riot has taken the time to balance out its issues now and it can be used in either Dominion or Classic. The other new spell, Surge, grants your Champion a significant boost to its damage output. It increases attack speed by 35 percent and increases your ability power by 10-78 (depending on champion level). This effect stays on for 12 seconds.

Aside from these changes, the other big thing is the addition of Ranked Teams, but I haven't had the chance to check those out yet. Hopefully we'll be able to get a GamingUnion.net ranked team up and running, but someone has already taken the GUn clan tag - so that's a bit annoying.

So far this month I've only had time to play one game of Dominion, which we "dominated". I've been playing as Rammus in Dominion due to his speed, and the fact I don't mind playing as tanks. I managed to capture quite a few points, but also got 6 kills (to 2 deaths) and 12 assists - I'd say that's a pretty decent return.

Hopefully this week I can knuckle down and play a few more games so that I've got something to talk about next week. Who knows, maybe I'll have developed a rather mean Rammus strategy that I can share with the world... or not. You never know! Either way, be sure to check back next week to (if all goes well) hear how I got on.

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