League of Legends Blog: Lee Sin Trolled Us Good

By Darryl Kaye on April 4, 2011, 5:47PM EDT

If you weren't keeping up with events on League of Legends, allow me to give you a very short and sharp re-cap. Lee Sin (the Blind Monk) has been rumoured for inclusion into the game ever since it first came out and in the build-up to this year's April Fools day, Riot Games started filtering information around, suggesting he would be the next champion.

Indeed, people were really excited, until Riot released some screenshots to accompany his proposed move set. There's nothing wrong with this, but said screenshots included Urf, last year's April Fools joke. It become even worse when Riot then released Lee Sin's Champion Spotlight. It was a complete piss take all the way through, with it even appearing blurry, as Lee Sin is blind. Everything, including the lack of Lee Sin during the regular update, suggested that Riot had fooled us all again. In fact, that's exactly what they wanted us to think, as Lee Sin was very real and appeared on the 1st of April.

As soon as I heard the news, I went online and snapped him up. After all, he's Lee Sin, the Blind Monk. What excuse could I have for NOT owning him?

I started off with a custom game to get used to his moves and figure out what items would work well for him. As with all custom games, I took more liberties than I should and incurred a few deaths, but overall he seemed pretty balanced and quite fun. His Q move is a skill-shot, which then allows you to warp to your enemy. But his W move also allows him to warp to a friendly unit or ally, so it can be rather frantic.

Feeling pretty comfortable with how that went, I decided to tackle a normal game with a bunch of randoms. As always happens, the other team also had a Lee Sin, and as fate would happen, we got placed in the same lane together. I opted to go for Cloth Armour and 5 potions, while he opted for a Vampyric Scepter. Both have their advantages, but it was I who managed to lane with more strength, allowing me to get a few easy kills early on.

There's always one problem I have when playing a Carry though, I think I'm a lot stronger than I actually am. Needless to say, I usually rush into the thick of things and get completely raped. Often I'll end up with a level k/d ratio, but I really need to play with a lot more caution. I spent a long time playing as Pantheon, who's in my opinion quite a weak Carry, and that taught me self preservation, but I haven't used him for ages.

I finished the game with decent enough stats, although I had way more deaths than I should have. It's just so tempting to try and finish champions off when you have a Q move that's so strong. It's just a shame it puts you in instant danger when you use it to its full potential.

As you can see, I played a few other games with Lee Sin, but I didn't really feel that he suited my style of play all that much. As I just said, I'm way too gung ho. I ended up with a k/d ratio of 0.83, which is pretty poor really - although I "technically" only lost one of the matches.

It's another week now though, so I'm tempted to give him another try. There is absolutely no way I'll be using him in Ranked matches though, I'm just far too vulnerable. Hopefully I have some more interesting stories to tell you next week.

Oh wait, that reminds me. I've been wanting to test this for a while, and I was finally able to do it. We did a "tank" game, where everyone on the team used a tank. I played as Amumu, and we also had Shen, Rammus, Singed and Malphite. The other team didn't know what hit them! They were so worried that Lux ended up building AD so she could actually hurt us using Madreds. It was absolutely classic!

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