League of Legends Blog: Nasus Will Eat Your Soul

By Darryl Kaye on May 18, 2011, 4:17PM EDT

Apologies for the hiatus last week, but I wanted to actually put some time into writing this blog. I realise that Vayne was just released, and I probably should have written about her, but I'd already been planning to spend some quality time with Nasus before getting on to her - so that's exactly what I did.

To explain a little, despite playing League of Legends for well over a year now, Nasus is a champion that I've never really seen all that often. Yet, whenever he's played, he's always turned out to be a rather awkward opponent - I was curious to find out why, and if I could be the same awkward opponent.

Showing my ignorance of Nasus in general, I wasn't familiar with any of his moves. About the only thing I did know was that he had life steal, but I thought it was connected to his Q move, not his passive ability! I'd say ignorance is bliss, but in this situation it is clearly a hindrance. His Q move is incredibly powerful though, as it can get infinitely strong - it really depends on the player. For every minion killed using this move, it adds 3 damage to the attack. If you then factor in its base damage, and the fact it adds on your base attack damage as a bonus, it can be pretty powerful.

Both early game and late game, it's very effective for taking down more squishy opponents, as its damage can rack up rather quickly. At its maximum level it also has a pretty quick cooldown, and with reduction, you can do the move about every 2.4 seconds.

His other moves can be useful to you, but provide great benefit to team members too. Nasus has a very strong slow, which lasts for a considerable amount of time and also decreases the attack speed of a champion - perfect for debuffing a strong AD opponent, or stopping someone from running away. His other move deals damage to a specified area, but it also decreases the armour and magic resist of all champions standing inside it - something I didn't know until I played as Nasus. It's also great for controlling a lane, as nobody wants to stand inside it.

His ultimate is rather strange, but is also very powerful. As soon as you perform it, Nasus gains a health boost - something which can lure your opponents into a trap if they think you're weak. Not only this, but all opponents standing nearby take percent damage, so it's great for team fights later on - it can also be a last ditch survival move too.

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Throughout my time playing Nasus, I had a real mixture of experiences. My first few matches were pretty damn good, with 20-2 being by far my best performance in the eleven matches. I generally did ok though, only having one really bad match, where I went 1-5. That was unfortunately a ranked match where I had a horrendous team too, hence 0 assists. There were a few where I had a pretty crappy k/d ratio, but came out with a solid number of assists.

My return from the perspective of kills was a k/d ratio of 1.51 - not too shabby for a rank. There were also two ranked games thrown in there two, where the teams weren't the best, so I think it's a pretty good performance.

Overall, I quite enjoyed playing as Nasus, although he's certainly a champion who relies on coordination to be effective. If you can get some early strength, and some good buffing on his Q move, he will snowball quite effectively. In the match where I went 20-2, I managed to solo the entire team, but it's a very rare scenario indeed. He can still be quite decent though, even if a bit underpowered. His Q move burst can still catch squishy carries by surprise and as a support champion, he's very effective for his debuffs.

If you're ever in doubt about checking out a new champion, and you're confident about your last-hitting of minions, I'd certainly recommend Nasus. He's a strong tank, with a decent damage output and good support abilities.

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