League of Legends Blog: The Return of AD Janna

By Darryl Kaye on April 12, 2011, 6:47PM EDT

Hey all, and welcome once again to my League of Legends blog, where I document exactly what I've been doing on League of Legends over the past week. Now, two weeks ago I actually did a little bit of a silly experiment, by playing Janna as an Attack Damage (AD) character. This is silly because firstly she's a support character, and secondly, if you were going to build her for damage, you'd boost up her Ability Power (AP) instead.

However, she does have the potential, if built right, to be a fairly strong AD support. After all, she has a great crowd control move in her tornado, she can also slow targets and she can shield herself from damage quite frequently. Plus, if you think you're going to lose the fight, you can use your ultimate selfishly and push your opponent away so you can escape.

Unfortunately, I was only able to do four games throughout the week because in most games I played, a lot of people weren't wanting to be tanks, so I was forced to play either Rammus or Amumu. In the games I did play though, there were some interesting remarks. Naturally, everyone expects people to build champions in certain ways, and if they deviate from that, they're instantly classified as a "n00b". They forget that build is only one part of the equation, player skill is the other.

Janna isn't a massive damage dealer even if you build her that way, she's all about the crowd control and harassment. So building her with a melee focus isn't actually that bad. She has a ranged attack, she naturally runs faster than people and doesn't get stopped by minions. The only problem, is that as the game goes on, her abilities become less useful for their damage output (not their effect) - but that's really the same with Janna in general.

As you'll notice (stats below), in the games where we won, I still had a ton of assists through my crowd control abilities, but I also managed to stock up a decent amount of kills too. It was only that one game where things didn't really go to plan, but sometimes you just have a team dynamic that doesn't work, no matter how well you play.

I'd still really like to experiment with AD Janna a lot more. Early game, she's an absolute pain. In that first game shown (7/8/17), I took a lane with Nidalee against Olaf and Trundle. They're two rather aggressive champions, but due to a combination of our ranged attacks and crowd control, they were absolutely dominated. They were constantly pinned to their tower and starved, and even often killed on their tower due to the tower-diving potential that Janna/Nidalee hold with their cures and shields. It was a scary amount of fun, purely because nobody expects Janna to actually do any damage with her melee attacks. We did the same with Soraka too, where Soraka was able to best Gangplank on damage output - comical to say the least.

This week though, I'm going to go back to basics. The first champion I ever really used was Ashe, and at the time, I didn't really know what I was doing. I've since learned that she's one of the best support characters around due to her stuns and slows, and I'd really like to get used to playing her better.

It might be an odd decision considering they are going to be releasing the new champion, called Brand, but my friend is checking him out, and I don't have an unlimited amount of RP or IP. Straight damage dealing champions don't suit me that well either, and Brand is a burst-damage AP champion.

Anyway, I'll let you know how I get on next week, so stay tuned!

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