League of Legends Blog: Welcome To Ashe-a-mania

By Darryl Kaye on April 19, 2011, 10:27AM EDT

It's time once again for my League of Legends blog, although this time I won't be trolling it up by talking about my experiences while playing a champion incorrectly. Far from it actually, as this week I'll be talking about my experience playing Ashe, and nothing but Ashe, for an entire week.

When I first started playing League of Legends back in 2009, Ashe was the champion I started playing as initially. They gave me her in the brief tutorial, and she's classified as a "recommended" champion, so I figured why not? I realise though, that at the time I played her pretty badly as I had no idea how crucial she is as a support champion.

Technically Ashe is a carry, but her moves do very little to help her in a tight spot. Sure, her ultimate has a fantastic stun on it, but it's much better used as a last-ditch escape mechanism, or to engage in a fight. It automatically gives you the upper hand, and strikes fear into your opponents - something which is crucial for Ashe. When your opponents have their backs to the wall, her multiple slow moves make it difficult for people to run away and you can get quite a lot of easy kills. When the tables are turned however, it also means that in a 1 vs 1 situation, Ashe is rather poor. Many other damage dealing champions have escape moves, or moves that greatly enhance their damage and/or stun - Ashe has none. Sure, Volley does receive a boost from from your attack damage stat, but your normal attacks will probably do more through critical strikes anyway.

Throughout the week, I played a plethora of normal games - I'm always a bit weary about playing an unfamiliar champion in ranked matches, as it can be a very humbling experience.

I learnt very quickly that Ashe is not a late-game champion. Once damage dealers on the opposing team start to get into their stride, they will single you out above all else, because really, Ashe is rather squishy. When that situation arises, playing as a complete pansy is more important than ever - and it's something I had to learn throughout the week. If you play Ashe aggressively, as I was towards the start of the week, you will suffer for it. Instead, you need to play with your head, you need to weigh up all the risks. If you get caught alone, without support, chances are you'll probably die.

As you can see from my stats below, I played 15 matches throughout the week, with the final match being ranked. Oddly enough, I've never lost in a ranked match with Ashe (currently 5-0), although that's probably more through luck than anything else.

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I ended up with the week with 7 wins and 8 loses - so a fairly average return. However, my kill-to-death ratio was significantly better. I had a few bad games, especially my final two normal games, but I still ended up with a k/d ratio of 1.64 - rather solid.

The stand-out match was clearly where I went 24-5-7 and literally did carry my entire team. It was also the first match where I decided to go solo mid-lane. I thoroughly dominated the opposition Ashe, being 4-0 up when the lanes broke. From there, it was just a case of gank upon gank.

My typical build for Ashe changed a bit. Initially I started off with a Doran's Blade, but I move towards Boots a 3x Health Potion. From there, I went for Infinity Edge first, if I wasn't under the kosh, and then stacked up on attack speed with Phantom Dancer, and Madred's if they had a tank. It seemed to work pretty well for me overall.

I have no idea what I'm going to do for next week's blog. I was tempted to give Alistair a proper try, but we'll see how things go throughout the week. See you next time!

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