Must Own: Batman: Arkham City

By Lauren Alessandra on September 27, 2011, 7:06PM EDT
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Fall has always shaped up to be the biggest season for gamers and 2011 is no exception. With so many good games coming out, it's almost impossible to pick and choose just one. However, there's definitely one game that should be on everyone's mind and that is Batman: Arkham City. There's a lot of hype surrounding this title and rightly so. The first game brought in rave reviews and die-hard fans were thrilled to finally have a super hero game that didn't suck. Arkham Asylum is considered to be one of the greatest comic book adaptation video games of this generation, so it's expected that with the announcement of the sequel, people were likely to get a bit excited. Arkham City has already won hearts of plenty of gamers just with the news stories, trailers and preview builds. But of course, there are still the few who remain skeptical about sequels, so for them, here's a slight overview of why this game may be even better than the first.

For fans of the comics, there are tons more villains added this time around, but not to worry as Joker and Harley Quinn have cemented their places in Arkham City. Other well known villains include Two Face and Mr. Freeze, but there's also the lesser known Hugo Strange whose presence as the head of Arkham City hints that perhaps his role will be most prominent this time around.

The most intriguing addition is that of the double-agent Catwoman, which has been well-received by plenty of the fans. Batman and Catwoman's chemistry is well known amongst fans and hopefully will prove to be just as enticing as it is in the comics. Another "double-agent" so to speak, is that of The Riddler, whose puzzling antics have upgraded since the last game. Now his puzzles run much like a horror game show putting you and innocent civilians and "possibly" loved ones in danger. There's also a new Interrogation Mechanic which will help you as you look for more of Riddler's puzzles. Really they've expanded the Riddler's role quite a bit.

But that's not the biggest addition. Previously, the game was set in Arkham Asylum, but now Batman has a much larger playground. Arkham City's map, according to the people at Rocksteady, is now Five Times the size of the original game. Not only that, it's completely open. There are at least fifteen hours worth of additional side quests, but if that isn't your scene, you can easily follow the path to through the storyline and completely skip everything else.

Being that Arkham City improves everything that the critically acclaimed Arkham Asylum had, there's really no reason why any fan shouldn't look into buying Arkham City. Pre-ordering Arkham City lines you up for some interesting in-game swag like play time with Robin and so on. Arkham City is coming out on the 18th October in North America and the 21st October in Europe so if you're going to take part in the pre-order bonuses, you better get a move on.

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