Playing Killzone 3 With Move Is Like Playing A Completely Different Game

By Mary-Lynn McLachlan on February 17, 2011, 10:27PM EDT

Anyone who has any scepticism or apprehension towards what motion controllers like PlayStation Move have in store for the future need look no further than Killzone 3. Being the flagship FPS title on the PlayStation 3, you'd expect Killzone 3 to excel in many ways, but Guerrilla Games has set the bar for motion controlled FPS games at an exceedingly high level - it performed way beyond our expectations.

A special peripheral has been created, which is called the Sharpshooter and unlike products we have already seen from Nintendo of this nature, using PlayStation Move's Sharpshooter add-on feels more than just a controller on some sticks. It is effectively an adaptation of Move, which turns it into a weapon. It's adjustable, very accurate and Guerrilla's team who worked on the Move integration did an amazing job. It looks like a submachine gun with an adjustable butt (the part of the gun that rests on your shoulder), which really shows that user experience and comfort was put first during development.

Before actually using the device it was partly our expectation that the Sharpshooter would be less fluid than the standard Dualshock controller, but after calibrating, the Sharpshooter feels just as fluid, if not more. Unlike previous experiences with similar Nintendo products, where the motion signal would "skip" or "drop", the Sharpshooter was buttery smooth.

Individual experiences will vary greatly initially for newcomers. Some people we saw playing struggled to get their bearings, while others had the concept down straight away and were advancing through the game world easily. There will be a learning curve for most players, especially those who are used to the current climate of the FPS genre, but it's going to be equally rewarding and as fun as a traditional controller.

Having played with both the regular controller and the Sharpshooter it's safe to say that it feels like two completely different experiences. Guerrilla ensured that the Sharpshooter wouldn't be just a lousy gimmick by designing the Move controls separately from the traditional controls. This all contributes to why Killzone 3 feels like two different games on Sharpshooter and Dualshock comparatively. The only real question is if one user will have a advantage over another in multiplayer when playing move versus traditional controls.

Gameplay is a notable improvement since Killzone 2. The controls feel less heavy, and faster, keeping pace with popular franchises like Battlefield and Call of Duty while at the same time adding a fluidity that's typically only experienced in a third person shooter. Players can slide into cover, bend and jump over objects, and throw down some brutal melee attacks with impressive ease. Players using Move should also note that aiming will take some getting used to, but they're not without assistance as the game's ADS will auto-target Helghast forces to an extent.

After spending some time using the Sharpshooter peripheral, it's simply amazing to see how well Guerrilla have adapted Sony's peripheral for use with this title. When they said that they can see most first-person shooters in the future using motion controls, it's easy to see why.

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