Psyched For: Resistance 3

By Colin Tan on March 11, 2011, 6:37PM EDT

I'm going to be frank. I'm a huge Resistance fan. Always have been, always will. The original game had a certain charm to it that was reminiscent of ye old Quake Team Arena and Unreal Tournament games, but with a solid, engaging narrative. Resistance 2 upped the ante by turning the narrative style on its head and giving big boy Hale a more prominent voice and a more direct role in the story.

Now even though the gameplay felt streamlined, aka dumbed down, it was still a blast to play, especially online with the massive co-op and competitive modes. And what about that ending? It was a swift kick to the balls to be sure, but it also left us wondering what the heck could possibly happen next. Tables were then flipped as Resistance Retribution, the next canonical entry and a brand new take on the Resistance universe, complete with a new smack-talking hero and a return to the ravaged battlegrounds of Europe, was released on the PSP.

That's just the gist of playable goods under the Resistance umbrella. Let's not forget the comic book and the novel, The Gathering Storm, written by William C. Dietz, acclaimed author of best selling titles like the Halo, Jedi Knight, StarCraft II and Mass Effect novels. Moreover, and just so you know, I dropped a bomb for the Collector's Edition of Resistance 2 and will gladly drop a second if need be for the Resistance 3 Collector's Edition, should Insomniac decide to release one - and they damn well better.

Resistance 3 Bill BoardNow, let us reminisce some more. It was a dreary 2009 day when we first caught a glimpse of Resistance 3: an advertising billboard bearing the Resistance 3 logo in Shreveport, Louisiana! Some condemned it as fake while others proclaimed it as the real thing. In retrospect, the naysayers were fools, the bill board can be seen in the movie Battle: Los Angeles, but let's give them a break, they couldn't have known. Heck, nobody did. What matters now is that Resistance 3 was finally announced at gamescom last year and will be hitting stores later this year, and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Featuring a new - and old - protagonist in a war-torn world overrun by the Chimera and only several small pockets of human survivors left, Resistance 3 is, yet again, taken in a whole new direction. Insomniac Games have revealed that the story is far more personal compared to the previous games. Humanity has lost. The Chimera run the show now, so much so that they aren't even harvesting humans anymore, but simply annihilating them. Protagonist Joseph Capelli, former sentinel and executioner of Nathan Hale, is but a shadow of his former self with lack of food leaving him malnourished. Capelli is forced to pick up his gun once again in order to save his family from the Chimera. Coincidentally, he's hooked up with one Susan Farley - you might want to remember that name, it ought to make for some interesting plot points.

Insomniac Games aren't simply refreshing the same old formula. They've listened to their fan base, taking in feedback and putting in features we want, like the coveted Weapon Wheel from the original game that was sorely missed in the second. More importantly and running along with the new setting, the weapons have an entirely new look and feel to them. Humanity's weapons are clumsily fitted together as the world's armies are no more, whereas Chimeran firearms still pack a lot of punch to them.

Just take a look at the Auger and Bullseye rifles. The Auger finally features a proper sight and the Bullseye has a sweet new tagging tail that highlights the path of your rounds. The Rossmore shotgun looks like a big beast, blowing meaty chunks off of attacking Chimeras. On that note, the gore looks pretty wicked without being overly tacky. We saw it first in Resistance 2 with its sticky, chunky gore system where innards splattered across a wall before slowly slipping down into a bloody heap. Resistance 3 improves on that and boy does it look good.

One of the first bits of details unveiled were the new Chimeras, which appear to be primarily grouped into two categories: feral and military. The feral Grims are a fright indeed, resembling a diseased version of their predecessors, with gangly limbs and gashes split open across their huge torsos. From what we've seen, they aren't too smart though, usually moving in large numbers and blindly charging in only to get blown up.

The military-type Chimera like the Hybrids and the new Long Legs, on the other hand, look far more organized with smarter AI capable of out-flanking and evading whatever assaults you throw at it. Insomniac also showed us the Hulk, a big, nasty ape-like Chimera with tremendous physical prowess. The gameplay seen with all these in motion looks great and just as challenging as any past Resistance title had been.

Aside from all these gameplay set pieces, I'm personally more excited for the story and multiplayer. Capelli no longer fights for the military. Since the end of Resistance 2, he's put down his gun and started a family despite such desperate times. How will his son and wife play into the plot? Susan had a big role in The Gathering Storm and she was never really a family woman to begin with, so how did she end up as Capelli's wife? Does she know about his relationship with her adopted brother Nathan Hale? Despite Hale's death, it also appears that his legacy lives on in the form of the Hale vaccine, a formula developed by Malikov to counteract the Chimeran virus. Will this be the salvation of what's left of humanity, or it is already too late?

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