Rockstar, Don't Announce Grand Theft Auto V This Summer

By Colin Tan on July 12, 2011, 8:13PM EDT

Rumours concerning the next Grand Theft Auto game spans back a good year, from retailer listings, analyst predictions and even one rumour that said the game will be set in Rockstar's own take on Hollywood. GTA V was also rumoured to have some presence at E3 this year, but alas just following the release of L.A. Noire, Rockstar had nothing to show at the expo this year. Not even a teaser. But wait, that's a good thing, especially considering all the games coming out this holiday season. Now the latest in rumours say that GTA V is set to make a splash this Summer. Is that a good idea?

If the latest rumours are to be believed, then GTA V is currently under top secret development. GameSpot's noted that an anonymous source has claimed that development on the game is "well underway," to the point that it's actually almost done and final touches are being applied. In addition, the source claims that a 2012 release is "pretty likely."

Official Xbox Magazine recently tossed in their two cents on the matter: "Time's up, says The Ball. Expect Grand Theft Auto V to be announced later this summer." It wouldn't be the first time a rumour like this surfaced, but for a magazine to put it out there with that much gusto, they either know something behind-the-scenes or they're just trolling their readers. Regardless, with Summer's end just around the corner, the only venue for a Summer announcement is none other than Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

Cough it up to being a well-kept secret, or even that Rockstar just has nothing to show at this point "“ which would be rather disconcerting, but a Summer announcement may not be the best of ideas. And if Rockstar does make the announcement this Summer, there jolly well better be a solid release date attached to it. Otherwise, we might have another Max Payne 3 or even L.A. Noire on our hands. Even so, wouldn't it be better if Rockstar waited it out until E3 next year where they can make one hellavu splash, especially if those exclusive rumours are to be believed.

Rockstar's own Sam Houser has expressed displeasure at the limitations of the DVD format, and lack of storage medium across 360 models, which has not changed in the last three years since GTA IV's release, suggesting that the next GTA may well be a PS3 exclusive "“ and yes, that is quite a stretch. If at all true, Sony will, undoubtedly, not let such an opportunity go by the wayside, especially when you consider their dismal press conference this year.

Exclusive or not, an announcement of this magnitude will certainly rock the show floors at an event like E3, as well as get the attention of fans who watch the event with their eyes glued to their screens. It may well possibly make the press conference wars enjoyable to watch again. Both Sony and Microsoft's lacked any proper game announcements, announcements that ought to swoop fans off their feet, announcements and reveals that the core gamers will enjoy and actually care about. As much as Microsoft and Sony are trying to sell Kinect and PlayStation Move, gamers simply do not care, at least not at this point in time with so few quality titles in development that aren't catered towards the casual.

We'd also rather avoid situations like Starhawk where the game gets announced a week beforehand, resulting in a very small ripple in Sony's press conference, or with Halo 4 where after debuting at Microsoft's event garnered little cheer thanks to an early morning leak. GTA V can easily be to Sony's press conference "“ or Microsoft's, it can easily swing either way "“ as Far Cry 3 was to Ubisoft's: an announcement worth getting excited about. Considering Rockstar has been doing well so far in keeping any and everything related to GTA V under wraps, a leak like Halo 4 seems improbable. Even if there was a leak, it's GTA V, fans will eat it up as though they'd been starved of satiation the last three years. Oh wait.

So with the latest rumours suggesting a Summer announcement and possibly a 2012 release, do you think it's a good idea for Rockstar to reveal GTA V this soon? Will it make a huge impact or will it be better to wait and make a nuclear splash at E3 next year? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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