The Ultimate Assassin's Creed II Movie Cast

By Lauren Alessandra on November 15, 2011, 8:05PM EDT

Much like the Uncharted series, Assassin's Creed is going to be getting the Hollywood treatment sometime soon. Rumors have been flying as to who fans think would best fit the bill for their favorite Assassin's Creed characters.

In honor of the release of Assassin's Creed: Revelations, we decided to take a stab at casting an Assassin's Creed II movie.

This is no simple task. For a start, Ezio Auditore and Desmond, while having the same in-game model are very different characters. There's also the Italian flavour that Assassin's Creed II focussed on.


Ezio - Tom Hardy
If you're familiar with my cast lists, you will know that I have indeed used Tom Hardy as Bane in the past, so I am going to pull a Christopher Nolan and use him once more in Assassin's Creed II as the infamous Ezio. There's just no one else out there who has the looks plus the strong voice/ability to successfully replicate an Italian accent. I trust Tom Hardy's work, especially since Hardy's one of the most dedicated actors in the business as of late and I believe he could successfully portray Ezio.


Desmond - Eric Balfour
You may know Eric Balfour from a bunch of things, but recognize him only by face. He's been in some pretty big shows including "24" and "Six Feet Under". In Six Feet Under, he plays a very damaged teenager who is dealing with heavy amounts of peer pressure, child abuse, and drug abuse. Balfour was very convincing in this role almost to the point where you as the viewer care for him and just want him to pull through. You'll have to watch the show to see if he does, but really I think Desmond would be a very good role for Balfour.


Lucy - Natalie Portman
Lucy's role in Assassin's Creed is completely integral. She's Desmond's only sources of information in the first game other than Vidic and she is also the only one Desmond could trust in the end. Although the voice actress for Lucy is fitting, I decided to go with a big name actress instead so I chose Natalie Portman. At first, I actually hated Portman's acting mostly because of Star Wars. However, after watching "Closer", "Where the Heart Is", and "The Professional" I learned that when given the right role, Portman does very well with it. This became even more apparently after watching "Black Swan". I feel like she would make a very convincing Lucy Stillman.


Rodrigo Borgia - Paul Sorvino
There aren't a ton of actors who could portray Rodrigo Borgia, but I really feel that Sorvino would do a stellar job. I highly suggest anyone reading this to check out "Goodfellas" where he plays the character Paul who stands above the rest of the characters as a sort of supervisor. It's in this role that he shows through a bit of goodness with a slight spec of evil. Sorvino performs this role so effortlessly which is why Rodrigo Borgia is such a good fit for him. If you can't deal with a ton of cursing and gore though, you can also catch him as Lord Capulet in Baz Luherman's Romeo+Juliet.


Warren Vidic - Donald Sutherland
Donald Sutherland has been around a good long while. You may even know his son, Keifer. The best thing about Donald is that he can play almost anything whether it's a pothead professor in Animal Party or the more serious Dr. Sid in "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within". He would make a fantastic Vidic in a film adaptation.


Shaun - Stephen Merchant
This was another case, like Lucy's role, where I decided to not go for the voice actor who would have done well, but instead a big name actor, so I chose Stephen Merchant. He is no stranger to video games as he played the voice of Wheatley in Portal 2 and his comedic timing is impecable which is needed for a role like Shaun. He also sounds an awful lot like Danny Wallace.


Rebecca - Marisa Tomei
Rebecca Crane is a bit of a wild child and there's no one better to play her than someone like Marisa Tomei. Tomei has a great way with reading scripts and making each of her lines count. One of her best roles, which actually nabbed her an Oscar, was in "My Cousin Vinny". I think Tomei could have a lot of fun with someone like Rebecca.


Mario - Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan is one of those really underrated actors. His resume includes "Grey's Anatomy" and "P.S. I Love You", but I feel his portrayal of 'The Comedian' in "Watchmen" shows off his acting talent best. He was a carbon copy of the character which was pretty impressive considering he's arguably one of Alan Moore's most complicated characters. Seeing Morgan as Mario would be a pretty nifty cameo.


Leonardo Da Vinci - Paul Dano
When researching actors for the role of Da Vinci, I found it very hard. There aren't a ton of actors who could play the famous painter well but also look fairly young. Paul Dano is one young actor who has really impressed me over the years. His performance in "Little Miss Sunshine" was one of the strongest I have seen from someone Dano's age. Although Dano has aged a bit, his face still looks fairly young and I think if given the chance, he could portray a very accurate Da Vinci.


Claudia - Jessica Parker Kennedy
Jessica Parker Kennedy may have a pretty shallow resume as of now, but her performance in "The Secret Circle" is very strong. She plays a character who is dealing with the death of her significant amongst other things. Her petite stature and innocent but sexy demeanor would do well for a character like Claudia.


Minerva - Joan Allen
When I first saw Minerva, the first actress I thought of was Joan Allen. The first movie I saw of Allen was in the film "Pleasantville" where she plays a woman from a 50s sitcom who begins to understand what it feels like to be independent for the first time. However, her independence also costs her simple life as a housewife. Allen gives a very strong performance in this role and it's one that has stuck with me. I feel she'd be perfect for the role of Minerva.

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