The Ultimate Batman: Arkham City Movie Cast

By Lauren Alessandra on October 18, 2011, 5:02PM EDT
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Out of all the comic book heroes doing the rounds right now, Batman is definitely top dog. With Christopher Nolan's films and the Arkham video game series, you just can't escape this 'Dark Knight'. So naturally, we decided now was the perfect time to shine some light on which actors we think should be in an Arkham City movie adaptation.

Now, the actors we choose have to not only look the part, but also be able to give a believable performance. So sorry all George Clooney fans. You won't be seeing him don the batsuit in our adaptation.


Batman - Mark Strong
Batman is always a hard one to cast as you need to find an actor who can handle both the 'Dark Knight', but can also handle the charismatic "Bond-Like" Bruce Wayne character. Luckily for Arkham City, we only need to fill the role of Batman and who better to do this than Mark Strong. His latest films include "Sherlock Holmes" and "Green Lantern", but one of his more impressive roles is that of Archy in "RocknRolla". His talent spans many different types of characters and I strongly believe that Batman would prove no problem for Strong.


Catwoman - Marion Cotillard
Before the cast of Nolan's "Dark Knight Rising" had gone up, I had spent a lot of time deciding on who exactly I would want to portray one of my favorite female characters ever, Catwoman. I had gone through so many different actresses in my head; ones that were rumored and those that I thought up on my own and I had finally limited it down to two actresses, Natalie Portman and Marion Cotillard. I chose Marion Cotillard since she has a natural sex appeal that's undeniable as well as grace. Needless to say, the current actress who is portraying the feline femme fatale does not impress me in the slightest especially since Marion Cotillard was rumored to have won the role but then had to drop out since she had gotten pregnant. All that aside, Marion Cotillard would do Catwoman an extreme amount of justice.


Joker - Christoph Waltz
Ever since his role in Inglourious Basterds, Christoph Waltz has been a favorite of mine. His spot on wit and charisma makes him extremely addictive to watch and I believe he could indeed handle a role like the Joker. In Inglourious Basterds, for example, he portrays a kind of double agent between the Nazis and the Americans and though a lot of the things he does in the film may cause you to think that he's an awful person, Waltz instead makes the character almost loveable with his extremely twisted humor. This is the kind of thing someone who portrays the Joker needs. The ability to not only be a villain, but one who provides twisted entertainment.


Riddler - Michael C. Hall
Michael C. Hall might not be that prominent in the film industry, but he has accomplished a ton within the television industry portraying David Fisher in "Six Feet Under" and Dexter Morgan in "Dexter". Comparing Hall's acting in both of these roles is really incredible as both are so extremely different. David Fisher is a co-owner of his deceased father's funeral home who is scared of coming out to his family and Dexter is a serial killer who, due to the traumatic experience of witnessing his mother being slaughtered when he was a child, has become a serial killer who hunts down those who have murdered others and escaped judgement. Hall has even said in interviews he wanted to portray the Riddler and there's no real reason for him not to.


Poison Ivy - Christina Hendricks
There are a few villains from Batman who have supernatural powers and Poison Ivy is definitely one of the most prominent. Though Batman and Robin definitely wasn't one of Batman's glorious moments, Uma Thurman's portrayal of Poison Ivy wasn't all that horrible and in fact, had she not done so already, I would've cast her. So because of this, my next best choice for Poison Ivy would be Christina Hendricks. In Mad Men, Hendricks gives off sex appeal like it's going out of style. She'd be a great fit for the mother nature sworn, Ivy.


Commissioner Gordon - David Thewlis
David Thewlis has been in showbiz for awhile now with nearly 70 films under his belt. One of the first movies I saw him in was "DragonHeart" in which he played an evil king who shared a heart with a dragon. I thought he was such a terrible person in that movie that I was made to believe the actor was just as bad. This of course was when I was about 5. He has since been in plenty of films, but none as prominent as the "Harry Potter" series where he portrayed Professor Lupin. This performance of his is what sparked a love I had for his acting talent and I feel as though he'd make a fantastic Gordon.


Hugo Strange - Christopher Lloyd
Christopher Lloyd has played his fair share of crazies. In fact, one of his first roles was in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". His portrayal of Uncle Fester is one of my all time favorites though. Lloyd playing a villain like Hugo Strange should be a piece of cake.


Bane - Tom Hardy
It's true. Tom Hardy is playing Bane in the "Dark Knight Rises" which goes a bit against my rules of not casting people already cast, but honestly, I'm so excited to see Tom Hardy in this role that I just couldn't think of anyone better to play it. Hardy burst out in the film industry after co-starring in Nolan's "Inception" and since then, Hardy has been talk of the town. His recent role in the "Warrior" showed that not only can Hardy be the smooth talking English man of "Inception", but also a beaten down American UFC fighter. I really hope Hardy sticks around.


Harley Quinn - Emma Stone
Some people compare Emma Stone to Lindsay Lohan pre-trainwreck, but to be honest, I think Emma Stone far surpasses Lohan and, based on the movies I've seen her in, I really think she has what it takes to go far. Already she was nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in "Easy A" and I really feel she may even be up for an Oscar this year for her role in "The Help". Stone has this quirky sense about her that would be best suited for someone like Harley Quinn and I really think she'd be believable instead of overdone like plenty of actresses would probably do. Harley cannot be played by someone who is a complete bimbo; there's so much more to her than that and I really feel Stone would do her justice.


Mr. Freeze - Paul Bettany
Using Batman and Robin as reference, Mr. Freeze's character has a tendency to go horribly wrong. So in order to keep that from happening, I've chosen Paul Bettany to play the role. His resume is very impressive with roles in movies like "Da Vinci Code", "A Beautiful Mind", and "A Knight's Tale". There hasn't been one role that he hasn't been able to tackle and I really believe he'd give Mr. Freeze the portrayal he deserves.


Two-Face - Gary Sinise
Gary Sinise is one of those really awesome actors who seems to show up in almost everything, but hardly gets the recognition he deserves. So many of his characters are spot on and entirely believable especially his performance as Lt. Dan in "Forest Gump". I believe Sinise has the ability to really nail the role of Two Face.


Penguin - Jeffrey Tambor
Although I love Danny Devito's portrayal of Penguin in Batman Returns, it's time for someone else to take on the role and so I chose Jeffrey Tambor. Tambor is a really fantastic character actor as seen in the show "Arrested Development" which he is probably most famous for. Tambor is heavily underrated and I really feel like he could do a great job with Penguin.


Alfred Pennyworth - Robert Duvall
Michael Gough, may he rest in peace, was a brilliant Alfred and, in my opinion, cannot be outdone. But if there's one person I think would be really good as Alfred, it would be Robert Duvall. As he was an icon of his time, this kind of cameo would really be exceptional.


Talia al Ghul - Olivia Wilde
Playing a role like Talia al Ghul would require a lot of research and depth considering she is the estranged daughter of Ra's al Ghul. Even though Olivia Wilde is still relatively new to the film industry, her performances have always been strong and if given the chance, I think Wilde would blow people away as the antiheroine.


Robin - Kodi Smit-McPhee
There aren't many young actors out there diverse enough to play the role of Robin although Kodi Smit McPhee is definitely a top contender. His role in "Let Me In" was extremely demanding and McPhee handled it wonderfully. Perhaps if he were just a bit older, he'd be able to nail Robin so let's hope his growth spurt happens soon!

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