The Ultimate Final Fantasy VII Movie Cast

By Lauren Alessandra on September 13, 2011, 10:58AM EDT

A movie adaptation of a video game may sound good on paper, but in practice, they're far from entertaining. For the average movie goer, these films are just your regular bad movie, but for video game fans, these movies are making a mockery out of the games industry. One of the many mistakes filmmakers make when producing these films resides simply in the actors they choose. Whether they choose them for their looks or for their star power, it's become a downright nightmare for those of us watching the cast lists go up on IMDB. Alas, there are still a proud few who, regardless of how many times they've been crushed, still wish to see what would happen say a certain title were made into a movie.

As a frequent movie goer and video game fan, I have decided to take it upon myself to write up cast lists for some of the greatest video games ever. Though looks are a part of who I cast, I also strongly consider their acting talent as anyone can tell you, looks aren't everything. This week I decided to start with one of the most iconic video game casts ever, Final Fantasy VII.


Cloud Strife "“ Alex Pettyfer
Of all the blonde haired beauties in the acting world, Alex Pettyfer is the one who best captures the look of the ever-so-famous Cloud Strife. His acting resume includes movies such as "I Am Number Four" and "Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker".


Sephiroth "“ Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Famous for playing King Henry VIII, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is top choice for the notorious Sephiroth. Not only has he already proved he has the acting ability, he also has the dark but angelic looks needed to completely convince any Final Fantasy VII fan that he's best for the part. For further reference, check out his performance in "Velvet Goldmine"


Aerith Gainsborough "“ Emmy Rossum
The beautifully naive role of Aerith is one that may prove difficult to fill, however, Emmy Rossum, having played the doe-eyed Christine in Phantom of the Opera, may be the best option out there. You can see her in "Phantom of the Opera", "Mystic River", and "Dragon Ball".


Tifa Lockhart "“ Olga Kurylenko
Though Olga Kurylenko is much older than Tifa is in Final Fantasy 7, it's hard to find young actresses who could pull off such a strong female lead. As a former bond girl, Kurylenko could very well be the Tifa we all dreamed of. With that she's best known for playing Camille Montes in the 2008 adaptation of "Quantum of Solace".


Barret Wallace "“ Rampage Jackson
With a nickname like Rampage, there's no doubt he has the chops to take on the hot-tempered Barret Wallace. Best known for his fighting in the UFC s well as B.A. Baracus on the "A-Team", there's no doubt, Rampage would make a perfect Barret.


Red XIII "“ Jeremy Irons
Though you may not know him by name, you may certainly know Jeremy Irons by his sultry voice as he has played one of the most famous felines in animation history. His portrayal of the foul lion Scar in "The Lion King" could make also for a good Red XIII; that is, without the evil side obviously.


Cait Sith "“ Billy Boyd
Fans were surprised when first hearing Cait Sith's Scottish accent in the English version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Going along with that though, Billy Boyd's adorable voice would be amazing for the character. Those of you who recognize the name, may know Billy Boyd best as the dim-witted Pippin in "The Lord of the Rings" series.


Cid Highwind "“ Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis has proved himself as talented action hero time and time again in the "Die Hard" films as well as the cult classic "Fifth Element". Smart-talking comes naturally to the man which is why he'd be perfect for Cid Highwind.


Vincent Valentine "“ Stuart Townsend
Famous for playing undead characters, Stuart Townsend could prove to be a very convincing Vincent Valentine. His most recent acting gig was in the Showtime hit, "Dexter", though he's more commonly recognized as the handsome vampire Lestat in "Queen of the Damned".


Yuffie Kisaragi "“ Ellen Wong
Ellen Wong is known best for her portrayal of Knives Chau in "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" where she played Scott's scorned ex-girlfriend. Her feisty yet adorable nature fits perfectly with the conniving thief, Yuffie.


Rufus Shinra "“ Alexander Skarsgard
There's absolutely no reason why Alexander Skarsgard shouldn't be first choice for the role of Rufus Shinra. Best known as one of the leading vampires in the show "True Blood", Skarsgard has both the looks and the acting ability to make for an astounding Rufus.


Reno "“ Penn Badgley
Reno is one of those characters that could be really terrible if done wrong as his presence is so addictively hilarious in the Final Fantasy series. Going out on a limb, Penn Badgley is our choice for the fan favorite red head. He played Woodchuck Todd in "Easy A".


Rude "“ Wesley Snipes
Wesley Snipes is well known for playing the sunglass wearing vampire hunter "Blade". Aside from his current run-in with the law, why shouldn't he be Rude?


Elena "“ Emma Watson
As Hermoine in "Harry Potter", Emma Watson played the perfect mix of ridiculously smart and, at times, horrifically stern. If she just takes it up another notch and turned to her dark side, she could make for a pretty impressive Elena.


Tseng "“ Takeshi Kaneshiro
Any martial arts film fanatic should know of Takeshi Kaneshiro's fame as he's starred in classics such as "House of Flying Daggers" and "Red Cliff". Aside from his acting experience though, Kaneshiro's looks are very similar to that of Tseng. The fact that he's comfortable growing his hair out long in aforementioned films is also a plus!


Zack Fair "“ Ben Barnes
Who better to play the ill-fated Zack Fair, then Narnia's "Prince Caspian", Ben Barnes. Barnes' dashing good looks and medium length hair are a perfect match for the famous hero.


Professor Hojo "“ Hugo Weaving
Hojo is one of the foulest villains in Final Fantasy VII next to Sephiroth and Jenova and by using Hugo Weaving's near perfect performance as Agent Smith in "The Matrix" as an example, Weaving could be an even more perfect Hojo.


Jenova "“ Noomi Rapace
If Jenova were to be played by an actual human being, there's no one who would play the part better than Noomi Rapace. Her portrayal of Lisbeth in the Swedish version of "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" mixed with her otherworldly good looks could make for a very convincing Jenova.

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