The Ultimate Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Movie Cast List

By Lauren Alessandra on November 28, 2011, 4:23PM EDT

Welcome to yet another Ultimate Movie Cast List where we take your favorite games and turn them into what should be the best live action adaptation of the title. After Revelation's release last time, we focused on Assassin's Creed II, but this week, we are going back in time to one of the gaming industry's best spy series.

Metal Gear Solid's HD Collection will be out in a couple of months and already fans are getting ancious about the series' future. Will there be a Metal Gear Solid 5? Will there not? As far as the fans are concerned it's all up in the air. But then we thought, "What if Metal Gear Solid was made into a movie?" Oh, and we already know there are plans, but we're just jumping the gun.

It's no secret that Metal Gear Solid is all about the theatrics so we decided perhaps it's time to see which actors could foot the bill in a live action adaptation in this week's Ultimate Movie Cast List. We decided to go with our very Metal Gear expert's favorite title, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.


Naked Snake - Michael Fassbender
Big Boss is one of the most recognizable video game characters of all time and his role in Snake Eater as Naked Snake is imperative to everything that happens throughout the series. So who ever is cast as Snake has to be a perfect fit and based off of his performances up until now, Michael Fassbender would make an outstanding Snake. He's portrayed plenty of different characters from Stelios in "300" to Lt. Archie Hicox in "Inglourious Basterds" to Magneto in "X-Men: First Class" and each one of these performances where spot on regardless of how the rest of the film went.


The Boss - Daryl Hannah
The Boss is a tough woman and Daryl Hannah is one tough lady. There's no way you can say Hannah hasn't proved her worth in "Kill Bill" as Elle Driver. You know for a fact that even though she can be a beautiful innocent mermaid like in "Splash", you would never want to push her buttons. I think she'd give a stellar performance as The Boss.


Ocelot - Jamie Bell
If I were going for an older version of Ocelot, my choice would have been Woodie Harrelson, however, we are talking about Metal Gear Solid 3, therefore Jamie Bell is my pick. Although he's probably best known for "Billy Elliot", Jamie Bell showed us just how serious he can get in films like "Defiance". With a bit of attitude, Jamie Bell could be a really great Ocelot.


EVA - Eva Green
In order to portray someone like EVA, you have to not only have the acting ability, but you have to have the right look as well. Choosing a doe-eyed beauty like Jessica Alba just wouldn't cut it. I went with Eva Green whose work in "Casino Royale" proved that she could even win the attention of Bond.


Volgin - Til Schweiger
The first and only actor I thought of to play the role of Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin, is Til Schweiger. He's not really known for his "American" roles but Schweiger recently played the extremely violent Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz in "Inglourious Basterds" and although he was batting for the good guys, there's no doubt in my mind that he could play someone as sadistic as Volgin. Schweiger having blonde hair and blue eyes naturally is just a bonus.


The End - Jeffrey Demunn
Although I wouldn't have thought of it before, Jeffrey DeMunn would make a really good The End considering how he looks in "The Walking Dead". I have never found a role of DeMunn's that I didn't enjoy and I feel as though The End would do just the same.


The Fear - John Turturro
Although John Turtorro is known for his comedic roles in movies like "Mr. Deeds" and "The Big Lebowski", however, he's also performed well in serious films like "Secret Window". Turturro has always performed well in character roles and I strongly believe he would be an exceptional Fear.


The Fury - Frank Langella (Voice)
The Fury has a lot of power behind his voice in the game which, to be honest, is quite unexpected. Because of this, I feel the only men who could perform his role are those with big booming voices and Frank Langella's is one of my favorites. His deep penetrating voice would do well with The Fury and so Langella's voice is my choice for the role.


The Pain - Tim Roth
Much like The Fury, The Pain has a very distinct voice and where Willem Dafoe would fit The Pain there, I feel as though Tim Roth would do well with the character overall. Roth's biggest achievements was his role in Quentin Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs" and since then he's been in anything from "Planet of the Apes" to "Lie to Me". He's a highly underrated actor and I think this role would really suite his acting style.


The Sorrow - Peter Stormare
The Sorrow is a pretty freaking creepy character and Peter Stormare is a pretty freaking creepy actor. His performances never cease to amaze me; the most impressive of which was his role as Lucifer in the film "Constantine". If you haven't seen his performance in this role, make sure you put it on your film bucket list. It's easily one of my favorite performances of all time.


Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov - James Cromwell
Metal Gear is filled with plenty of strong characters, but Sokolov is a pretty nice foil as he's not like the charismatic ensemble of the rest of the game which is why someone like James Cromwell would be most fitting. His performances, especially his in "Angels in America", remind me a lot of Sokolov. He appears strong, but his aged features make him appear a bit more vulnerable.


Major Zero - Malcolm McDowell
There aren't a ton of English actors I can think of that are older who could pull off a role like Major Zero, but if I had to choose, it would be Malcolm McDowell. He's a legend in the film industry for playing the despicable yet charming Alex DeLarge in "A Clockwork Orange" and, to be fair, for him to be able to portray a role like Alex with so much honesty, there's really nothing McDowell can't do. Plus he's from Yorkshire, England in case you weren't aware.

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