Welcome to GamingUnion.net v3.1

By Shawn Collier on October 26, 2011, 9:49PM EDT

You may have noticed that GamingUnion.net has a new look tonight. We pushed a major update in the last hour and we wanted to quickly detail all of the new features, what we were aiming for with this update and what's coming soon in the future.

This update, which we've dubbed internally v3.1 (our last update was v3.0), at its core was aimed at bringing a better and faster experience to you, the user. The header is 50% smaller but with even more information and quick links to your favorite sections for easy reach. The "GUN" bar (the bar at the top of the page) now uses press-to-open panels and a new search feature is available (we're working on a more site-centric search feature in the future but for now it uses Google to provide the search results).

We've also added sections for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita-specific coverage as well as an area that covers Apple's OSX, iPhone and iPad products which can be found under the More section at the top. For those wanting to get to the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP sections links to them can be found in the 3DS and Vita areas respectfully.

Another new addition is the new Members section which replaces the Members List from the forum as well as new profile pages which allow people to post comments on your wall much like our previous vB-based forum. We're working on transitioning more of the profile editing pages over to the website in future but for the meantime we'll have a link on the forums to get to the old forum user control panel. And speaking of the forums, we're working on a brand new skin sometime in the near future, but for now please excuse our "dust", so to speak.

With this new v3.1 layout we feel that we've built a successful base for future updates, which we'll be explaining later on in the future in other "Staff Blog"-like posts similar to this one, but for now we hope that you'll enjoy our new look and feel. Feel free to post your thoughts and comments below.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts. :)

(It's been a long day for me so if you guys need anything explained any of our staff members will be more than happy to explain things for you as I'll be signing off soon after this post goes live. ;))

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