League of Legends Blog: Ryze Just Doesn't Work With My Mind

By Darryl Kaye on February 6, 2012, 5:18PM EDT

Here we are again, it's time for my League of Legends blog. Although, I will admit that this week I'm not really looking forward to it. I decided after the last post that I'd try something new, and I didn't have the best of experiences.

Since Ahri was rather expensive, I was geed on by some of my friends on the game to try out Ryze. He's a pretty simple champion, you just point and click, or so I thought.

Initially, I had severe problems with Ryze because I just wasn't used to playing someone so squishy. I kept trying to be all offensive, and as a result, I kept dying rather quickly. And unfortunately, AP carries don't deal well with lots of deaths - it's something that's rather hard to recover from.

As I went through the fortnight, I did improve - to a degree. My main problem was that I kept being asked to go mid, and that's not something you really want when you're attempting to learn how to play a champion. Especially since I kept having to go up against people like Le Blanc.

My typical build ended up being pretty generic. I was pretty unaccustomed to the whole "mana damage" concept with Ryze, and since I don't use AP champions a great deal, buying Tears of the Goddess wasn't something I was used to. However, once I figured out why it was such a crucial item, I did start to perform quite a lot better. So, that's what I'd build towards first.

From there, I'd typically get my Sorcerer's Shoes and work towards a Banshee's Veil or Frozen Heart. Both items work great from a defensive perspective and Frozen Heart especially is amazing for Ryze. Not only does it give him a ton of mana (extra damage), but it also has a vast amount of defence and cooldown reduction.

I think my main problem with Ryze was that I'm just used to playing champions who need to be in the thick of things. With Ryze, and other AP carries, you really can't be. You need to be on the edge of things, throwing spells in when you know it's safe. It doesn't suit my play-style mentality for the most part. The only champion who I can work with under this premise seems to be Janna.

Anyway, here are my stats for the fortnight, which as you can see, are rather pitiful. I think it's probably my worst run in the game and towards the end of the fortnight I had to start playing as Amumu again, just to get my confidence levels back up.


I played fifteen games as Ryze, although only four of them resulted in victory - absolutely pathetic. This means my win percentage was only 27 percent. To make things worse, I only managed to get 112 kills, which works out at 7.46 per match. This isn't too bad as a base, but when you factor in the fact that I died 124 times, it means I was a pretty terrible carry. And honestly, I would attribute the lack of wins solely down to my ineptness with Ryze.

I don't often have a kdr of below 1, but in this case, it was only 0.90. My kda was a bit better, but only marginally. I managed to get 124 assists too, which means my kda turns out at 1.9 - only a bit higher than my typical kdr.

I think for the next fortnight, I'm going to go back to playing as Amumu and we'll see how that goes. Perhaps it is just me getting worse at the game, or that other people are getting better. We'll see in two weeks time!

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