League of Legends Blog: Skarner Likes To Harass People

By Darryl Kaye on January 9, 2012, 7:13PM EDT

It's been just over a month since I last entertained you with some crafty words about League of Legends in my little blog - I believe I was talking about the arrival of Season Two at the time. Anyway, since then I've decided to test out a new champion and I'm now going to share my wonderful experience.

After surveying what was on offer at the time, I figured I'd try out Skarner. I was taking a bit of a hiatus from the game when he was first introduced, so I knew nothing about him. He's not too popular either - I've never seen him appear in any game I've played.

First things first, I tried him out in a few games of Co-op vs AI. Despite being an off-tank, he can be rather mean from a damage perspective, especially early game. The key move here is Fracture. It sends out a shockwave in a straight line, which passes through Champions and minions. Once you get it up to its maximum level, it does 240 base damage, so it's pretty potent. It also allows you to get a ton of health back during the laning phase.

Being the ever-cautious person I am now, when I've been playing as Skarner I've opted for a Regrowth Pendant at the start, followed by a normal Health Potion. This gives you pretty strong health regeneration, and if you couple it with Fracture, you can recover from near-death soon enough. You see, for ever enemy Fracture hits, you can gain a set amount of health back... assuming you hit them again. So, if you're early on in the game and you can hit 4/5 minions with an attack, you can get back between 120-180 points of health. It's nothing to be sniffed at.

If you're playing quite cautiously, but smart, you should be able to keep whittling your laning opponents down by using Fracture, while also zoning effectively. And the great thing about this is that your ultimate move will catch them out and allow you to charge/chase. In short, Skarner is great for intimidation due to his sustainability and relatively high damage output in the early game.

As the game progresses, you'll want to be in the thick of things, helping people where you can. Skarner's ultimate is amazing for annoying pesky carries, such as Ezrael or Kassadin. Just when they think they're about to escape - boom, they're back in the thick of things. It's also great for disrupting people, such as Katarina or Nunu.

Your basic job though, is to harass. Due to Skarner's moveset, you need to get up close, spam people's faces and slow them as they attempt to flee. You aren't in a position to finish many people off most of the time, but you should at least help your team mates to get a few kills with your moves. Skarner also has a considerable speed boost to aid in his pursuit of enemies, which is rather nice.


As you can see, in the eight different games I played over a reasonable period, I was pretty successful. There were five wins, with three losses.

In those 8 matches, I managed to achieve 41 kills and 67 assists. This came at a loss of 25 deaths. So overall, my k/d ratio was 1.64 and my kda was 4.32. I wasn't anywhere near brave enough to try Skarner out in a ranked match, but I think I'd be more than happy to continue playing him with confidence in normal matches.

So, that hereby ends this League of Legends blog. I'm not sure what I'll do for the next blog, but it'll be due in two weeks time. Perhaps I'll play some more Skarner?

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