The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIII Movie Cast List

By Lauren Alessandra on January 23, 2012, 5:26PM EDT

Although the original suffers from mixed feelings amongst Final Fantasy fans, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is something that's very real and is coming out just next week, believe it or not.

Since this is the case, we thought it'd be best to throw out yet another Final Fantasy themed cast list and focus on who we'd want should a live action Final Fantasy XIII film be made.

If you missed out on our first one of the year, we focused on the Top Characters of 2011, so be sure to give it a whirl if you haven't already. We also did a cast list for Final Fantasy VII, which got a ton of feedback from the community!


Lightning - Jena Malone
Though Lightning's voice actress Ali Hillis would make a terrific Lightning should they ever make a live action film, I was tempted to find someone else who could maybe do justice to the character and that's when Jena Malone came to mind. Throughout the 90s, Jena was pretty top notch as far as teen cult films go. She played the main love interest in "Donnie Darko" and the lead role in "Saved". Both were terrific films and Jena always stood out in them. She disappeared for a bit once the millennium struck and came back with guns blazing in "Sucker Punch". If Ali isn't available, Jena definitely should be next pick.


Snow Villiers "“ Channing Tatum
The minute I saw Snow, I thought of Channing Tatum who at the time was only just starting to gain fame. Though his film resume consisted mainly of teen rom coms and various action star roles, I always believed Tatum had a sort of air about him that made me just want to keep watching. This was especially apparent in the films "The Eagle" and "Dear John". In the later, he plays John Tyree, a man fighting overseas in Iraq who develops a very strong bond with a woman back home. Since then, Tatum has taken on various kinds of roles like Aaron in "Haywire" and Jenko in the soon to be released "21 Jump Street" film. Snow should be no issue for this film hero.


Oerba Dia Vanille "“ Emilie de Ravin
When casting Vanille, you have to be conscious of two things; one, will they deliver a convincing Australian accent and two, can they pull off being one of Final Fantasy's cutest females without being annoying? Emilie de Ravin is all of these things and more. Not only is she from Australia, but in "Lost" she proved that she can definitely act her way through any situation. Her portrayal of Claire Littleton is so innocent and pure that it's almost as if she is actually the character herself. Not to mention, she kind of resembles her.


Sazh Katzroy "“ Harold Perrineau
If you don't know Harold Perrineau, go and watch Baz Luherman's version of "Romeo + Juliet" where he portrays Mercutio, one of Shakespeare's greatest characters. Perrineau is a wonderful actor whose characters are always extremely spot on. He, like Emilie, starred in "Lost", but it was R&J where he first captured my heart strings. He uses so much passion behind his words and has such an awesome presence on film. It'd be a crime if he wasn't considered for the role of Sazh.


Hope Estheim - Charlie Rowe
Many of the young stars of today are appearing on things like the dozens of Disney Channel shows and thus my list of younger stars has dwindled severely. However, this past December, I had the chance to watch the newest rendition of Peter Pan called "Neverland" which was actually a miniseries about how Peter became Peter. Charlie Rowe, who played Peter, really surprised me with how versatile he was. He was very believable in this role and I think if he were to play a role like Hope, he'd bring a real sense of depth. Let's just hope the kid doesn't go through a massive growth spurt before this movie happens!


Oerba Yun Fang - Naomie Harris
With Fang, the first person who came to mind was Michelle Rodriguez as she's naturally a very feisty young actress and of course has the "˜Fang' look. But I was feeling a bit unsatisfied so I decided to dig deeper and eventually remembered Naomie Harris who starred in "28 Days Later". Harris plays a strong female like no other. Her take no b.s. additude as Selena in the beginning of 28 Days Later was enough to let you know that she's not one to be pushed over, which is something the actress who plays Fang has to have naturally. Naomie has since played many different roles including that of Tia Dalma in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series.


Cid Raines "“ Christian Camargo
If you've never watched Dexter, I highly suggest you do. That is if you have a high tolerance for blood. In any case, Christian Camargo plays a certain role in the show which I won't spoil for you all reading this list, but basically, Christian is really fantastic in his role. Last I saw he was in the newest "Twilight" film which doesn't speak much for how much talent the guy has. He could play a really fantastic Cid even though he's not your conventional handsome actor. He's got a lot going for him as far as acting goes and I think he would do Cid a lot of justice.


Serah Farron "“ Dakota Fanning
Right after coming up with Channing Tatum's role in this cast list, I started to think about who would make a really great Serah and Dakota Fanning came to mind. She's really moving up the ranks as she's aged and her acting has improved along with it like a fine wine. She's always been a favorite of mine ever since her role in "I Am Sam". I think she'd bring a lot out of Serah's character if given the chance.


Galenth Dysley "“ Gabriel Byrne
Whoever plays Dysley, has to be an older actor, but also a bit of a legend in their own right like Ian Holm as Bilbo Baggins in "The Lord of the Rings" series. This is why I have chosen Gabriel Byrne whose acting resume consists of plenty of classics. My favorite of his is "The Usual Suspects". He'd make a really excellent Dysley and it'd be a great cameo to have.


Jihl Nabaat "“ Emily Blunt
Jihl has, in my opinion, one of the most memorable character designs in the game. Sure, she looks a bit like Sarah Palin, but she's sexy and feminine, but you also know that you don't want to mess with her. This is why I decided to go with Emily Blunt. Her acting talent is no laughing matter. Just watching her in "The Devil Wears Prada", you know that she's definitely a star. To see her as Jihl would be almost as perfect as hot fudge is to ice cream. Too bad she doesn't stick around for long.

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