The Ultimate Mass Effect Movie Cast List

By Lauren Alessandra on March 5, 2012, 7:08PM EDT

It's Monday which means it's time for another Ultimate Movie Cast List and since Mass Effect 3 is coming out this week, we thought it was only fitting that this week be all about this rather special franchise.

As a disclaimer, we've decided to go for the core Mass Effect characters that were introduced way back when, so there won't be any of the new people in Mass Effect 3 and very few of the newer people from Mass Effect 2.

Also, as a reminder for you folks reading this list, all of the casting choices made in these are entirely based off of the actor's ability/our belief that they could pull off the role. I believe if the actors chosen look roughly like their characters, there's nothing a little make up couldn't fix. So, unlike most lists out there, this one isn't just a "who looks like who" list.

So with out further ado, here's who I think should be cast in a Mass Effect film.

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Shepard "“ Matthew Fox
Matthew Fox is somewhat of a fan favorite amongst the crowd of wannabe casting directors and, to be honest, I completely agree with them. Fox started out on the hit 90s show "˜Party of 5' which focused mainly on adolescent issues amongst a group of brothers and sisters who had lost both their parents. He made waves when he was cast as the lead role in "˜Lost'. This solidified him as an action star of sorts and made me further convinced that he'd be perfect for Shepard.


FemShep "“ Bryce Dallas Howard
Bryce Dallas Howard broke out into mainstream films after playing one of the snottiest characters ever in "The Help". Her performance was so strong and convincing that FemShep should be no problem for her. She also has a rather stern face, perfect for a "harsh, but fair" FemShep


Ashley "“ Freida Pinto
A few years back, Freida Pinto won our hearts as Latika in the film "˜Slumdog Millionaire', a film that later went on to win the Oscar for best film in 2008. Since then, she's been in quite a few films including "˜Rise of the Planet of the Apes' in 2011. Although Ashley's not Indian, Pinto, I believe, would easily be able to take on the strong-willed Ashley.


Kaidan "“ Jesse Matcalfe
Known mainly as the pretty boy on "˜Desperate Housewives' can sort of/kind of ruin an actor's career if only because people will only see you for your pretty face/body for the rest of your career. But I don't think this about Jesse Matcalfe. He's got great potential and I feel as though he'd do well in a role like Kaidan. Not to mention, the dude looks just like him.


Wrex "“ Michael Clarke Duncan
With roles like Wrex, it's really hard to not just cave in and choose the original voice actor, so I really tried to find an actor who could act the role and perhaps put another big name on the bill. Michael Clarke Duncan is probably best known for his performance in "˜The Green Mile' and, of course, for his big booming voice. Even when he was decked out as a gorilla in "˜Planet of the Apes', you could still recognize his awesome voice. I think he'd make a wonderful Wrex, but of course, this is no discredit to the original voice actor, Steven Barr.


Tali - Berenice Bejo
In case you missed this year's Oscars, Berenice Bejo was amongst the ensemble of the Best Picture winner, "˜The Artist'. Her performance is so over the top fantastic that she was even nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Some of you may even remember her from her performance in "˜A Knight's Tale' as Christiana. With all this being said, I believe she has it inside her to play a role as awesome as Tali. Whether or not she can do the accent is another story, but I wouldn't put it past her.


Joker "“ Seth Green
I know I said in the past that I wouldn't cast voice actors if only because it was far too easy, Seth Green is really the only person I can see playing the role of Joker therefore I have cast him as such. For reference, just play through Mass Effect. Tis that simple.


Garrus "“ Willem Dafoe
Although I've cast him before in the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater cast list, Willem Dafoe I think would make an awesome Garrus given that the role was primarily voice acted. His voice is one that's really gritty and almost entrancing. He even made Gil look like a badass in "˜Finding Nemo'. Garrus' character is also one of my favorite characters in the series and it's only fitting that one of my favorite actors play him.


Saren "“ Albert Brooks
Albert Brooks was actually the deciding factor in whether or not I would want Garrus and Saren's roles to be voice acted if only because his voice is so suited for the role. You may think, oh, but Albert is a funny guy, he could in no way be a villain. That's entirely untrue if you watch the film "˜Drive'. He is anything but funny in that movie and I was entirely convinced by his performance.


Liara "“ January Jones
There's lots of theories going on with the role of Liara. Anyone from Scarlett Johansson and Rebecca Romijn have been suggested. I instead chose January Jones. Her performance in "˜Mad Men' is stellar along with her performance as Emma Frost in "˜X-Men: First Class'. Her beauty as well as her strength as an actor have made me insist that she would make a fantastic Liara.

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