The Ultimate Resident Evil Movie Cast List

By Adam Ma on March 22, 2012, 5:47PM EDT

Resident Evil has been all over the place recently, with Resident Evil: Revelations, the Resident Evil 6 announcement and now Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. And for that reason, we decided it was about time we did some Resident Evil casting.

First thing's first. There have been quite a few Resident Evil movies released, and they were all pretty suspect. The purpose of this isn't to undo those castings, but to suggest who we think would be best for the role, if the casting director were given a mega budget. This list has been made with Operation Raccoon City in mind.

It's also worth noting that all of the casting choices made in these are entirely based off of the actor's ability/our belief that they could pull off the role. And yes, it's me, Adam, doing the list this time around - Lauren's taking a little R&R.


Claire Redfield - Scarlett Johansson
Claire Redfield may not be as awesome a character as Natasha Romanoff, but frankly if Scarlett is considered to be a big enough badass to do Black Widow justice who am I to argue? Claire may not do all the fancy spinning and kicking as Johansson's prior role, but she's considerably tough given the amount of Umbrella Corporation nonsense she shoots her way through. I think Scarlett could pull that off fairly well.


Leon Kennedy - "Time Travel" Leo DiCaprio
I'm not sure if Shutter Island/Inception DiCaprio would do the job as well as Departed or Gangs of New York style. Either way the man has proven that he can strut his stuff around as a cop while at the same time throw a decent looking punch. There's really no questioning DiCaprio's acting talent either, as he's shown to be more than capable across a wide theatrical landscape. Also, Leon and Leo are fairly close names so there's got to be some sort of spiritual connection there.


Jill Valentine - Jessica Biel
She's fit, she's tough, and she has experience fighting the undead. I could be talking about either Jessica or Jill there, and that's what makes this an easy pick. Granted the new Jill Valentine may not be as good a match-up, but since Operation Raccoon City is avoiding all of the insanity introduced by RE5 we're stuck with our good old tubetop wearing STARS officer.


Carlos Olivera - Oded Fehr
I hate to agree with anything Paul Anderson does, but I don't actually mind the match-up set for Retribution. Carlos has seen a few design changes over the years, but the model has always maintained the same overall look, and given his experience with the franchise so far it won't
hurt to keep him around.


Nicholai Ginovaef - Liam Neesen
Can anyone play an older, gentleman sounding villain who knows how to kick a bit of ass better than Liam Neesen? I don't think so. Plus his laugh matches Nicholai's in an almost creepy fashion, that's more than enough excuse to inject Neesen into yet another science fiction action film.


Lone Wolf - Jason Statham
Alright, so Lone Wolf spends a lot of time behind a mask. That doesn't mean we can't have a good voice behind the character. I like to think behind every masked man is Jason Statham, ready to do all kind of ridiculous martial arts related stunts. He also seems like the kind of man who would never mess around when it comes to dispatching zombies or people, which is the kind of thing Umbrella values. Given how the franchise generally likes to release movies that are B quality at best, it's almost a crime that Statham hasn't been involved yet.


Ada Wong - Grace park
When it comes to playing a conflicted spy Grace Park certainly has experience, and it certainly doesn't hurt that she's also got the side arm routine fair well covered. The only thing she may be lacking is the ability to do any kind of acrobatics, but perhaps she's never just been given the chance. Wirework handles most of the fancy stuff these days anyway, so as long as she can keep a straight face there shouldn't be a problem.


Hunk - Rob Schneider
Alright, does it really matter who plays Hunk? He's a dude in the mask, and who wouldn't pay good money to see Rob Schneider in a zombie-horror-conspiracy action film? Worst case scenario he dies, in which case no one really cares because he's Rob Schneider. Best case scenario he says 'You Can Do Eet' while Leonardo DeCaprio, Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson are all killing a CGI Nemesis. Given the level of depth that the Resident Evil plot has received so far I doubt anyone would mind.

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