The Ultimate SoulCalibur V Movie Cast List

By Lauren Alessandra on February 6, 2012, 5:38PM EDT

Incase you hadn't already known, SoulCalibur V was recently released and instead of featuring it in our last Cast List, which was Final Fantasy XIII, we decided that this week would be much more suitable for the title.

Fighting game movies don't necessarily have the best track record. Neither the live action versions of Dead or Alive or Tekken film were barely even recognized by us movie goers and Street Fighter couldn't even be saved by Raul Julia.

Although we don't necessarily pick out the directors or writers of the films in these lists, we can at least point casting directors in the right direction towards making a super epic fighting game film. So let's get started.


Raphael - Patrick Wilson
As featured in SoulCalibur's III, IV, Broken Destiny, and V, Raphael is described as being a descendent of French nobility with bright blue eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair. If you've watched the recent "Phantom of the Opera" film, Patrick Wilson plays Raoul who is also of French nobility and has blue eyes and longish hair, so on paper he fits the bill perfectly. But since these lists aren't based around looks alone, let me say that Patrick Wilson, over the past few years or so has really shown off his incredible acting ability. Whether he's playing the gorgeous ingenue Raoul or the somewhat socially awkward Nite Owl/Daniel Dreiberg of "Watchmen". If you haven't heard of Patrick Wilson before, I highly suggest you rent either of these films or put them on your Netflix list.


Siegfried - Jackson Rathbone
Before the Twi-rage ensues, let me explain why I chose Jackson Rathbone to play the character Siegfried. Though there are certain actors in the Twilight films that can't really act their way out of a paper bag, Jackson has always stood out. He portrayed Jasper really well in the first film. Looks also come into play here as many of the renders of Siegfried look just like Jackson.


Kilik - Ian Somerhalder
Any actor who portrays the role of Kilik has some massive shoes to fill as he has been in nearly all of the games. For this, we thought Ian Somerhalder would fit in nicely. His work on "Lost" and the "Vampire Diaries" has been top notch and it's about time more people recognized his talent.


Tira - Jennifer Lawrence
Tira, a.k.a the 'Misguided Angel of Death', has a bit of a split personality and so whoever plays her needs to be able to portray her effortlessly and not appear over done. Jennifer Lawrence is new to the acting scene but has already done enough to earn an Oscar nomination for her work in "Winter's Bone". You may know her better as Mystique in the new X-Men prequel, "X-Men: First Class" or as the girl lined up to play Katniss Everdeen in "The Hunger Games". Either way, this girl's going places. Why not Soul Calibur?


Algol - Billy Zane
Whoever plays Algol has to have a sort of 'god-like' quality about him. A deep booming voice matched with a body like Hercules. The only man I think would be good enough to portray Algol without making it extremely camp would be Billy Zane. He's more widely known for his role in "Titanic", but fans of the "Kingdom Hearts" series should recognize him as the original voice actor for Ansem.


Maxi - Jon Seda
You might not recognize Jon Seda right off the bat, but years ago he played Chris Perez in the film biography of "Selena". His portrayal of Selena's estranged husband was so beautiful that I hadn't the faintest idea as to why his star power hadn't shined quite as much as Jennifer Lopez's. In any case, recently he turned up in an episode of "Burn Notice" and I was once again reminded of him while doing this list. He'd be a great fit for the character Maxi.


Ivy - Charlize Theron
Ivy is hands down one of the most recognizable female characters from the SoulCalibur series as she should be with her beautiful character design. The only actress I could see in this role would be Charlize Theron. Her acting ability shines in nearly every role whether it's in the "Italian Job" or "Monster" which she won an Oscar for. There's no doubt she'd be able to handle this one.


Cervantes - Ted Levine
The first actor who came to mind when I thought of Cervantes was Ted Levine. His deep voice and thick frame would do enough to convince you that he's a freaking pirate. If you need anymore proof, he's appeared in plenty of films including "Silence of the Lambs" and "Memoirs of a Geisha" although if you're a bit squeamish, I'd highly suggest you skip "Silence of the Lambs". It's not for the faint of heart.


Patroklos - Henry Cavill
Patroklos vs Man of Steel? Is there really that much of a difference? Henry Cavill's step into the superhero movies might be enough to convince us that he could play the pretty boy son of Sophitia. He's also appeared in films such as "Stardust" and "Tristan & Isolde".


Pyrrha - Chloe Grace Moretz
To be honest ever since her performance in "Kickass", I've wanted to cast her in every list thus far and this is the first time I've found a character that she could pass as without me getting entirely flamed as she's a bit on the young side. I'm taking this chance and running with it! There's nothing negative I could ever say about Chloë's performances. She even stole the scenes in "500 Days of Summer".


Hilde - Sofia Vassilieva
Want a movie that'll tear your heart out and probably make you a much better person because of it? Try "My Sister's Keeper". It's a beautiful tale of two sisters; one who has cancer and one who is suing her mother for forcing her to donate her organs to her. Sofia Vassilieva plays Kate Fitzgerald, the one with cancer, and in her portrayal she comes off entirely honest and beautiful. A role like Hilde would be an interesting feat for her.


BONUS: Taki - Rooney Mara
As Taki isn't technically in SoulCalibur V (although Natsu would work too) but has appeared in nearly every other one, I couldn't pass up the chance to perhaps add her ever so sneakily into our list. Given her recent endeavours as Lisbeth in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", I think Rooney Mara would make a really good action star and Taki seems like a really good fit for her.

Incase you missed any of our previous cast lists, you can check them out here.

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