Top 5 Fighters Persona 4 Arena Should Have Had

By Spencer Pressly on August 8, 2012, 6:03PM EDT

Persona 4 Arena has now been released in both Japan and North America, and after spending time with the game at EVO 2012 and now more extensively in my home, I started thinking about what characters should be in the game.

Obviously the roster is finalized, but this doesn't mean they are totally unlikely to be added later as downloadable content. This is a list of the top 5 fighters who should be added to P4A:

5. Igor
Igor has been the biggest tie to every single Persona game. As the proprietor of the velvet room Igor has the power to create persona and even persona users. This leaves Igor with the ability to use every Persona in the game. Most fighting games have that one character that is a mix of every fighter on the roster. This has been handled in many bad ways in my opinion and I feel if anyone could handle this right it would be with Arc System Works. Lastly, as a way to mix it up, all of his supers would involve summoning Margaret and Theodore from Persona 4 to unleash their personas on your opponent.

4. Koromaru
Out of the entire Persona 3 team, Koromaru is the one that stood out the most. In a game that has kids shooting themselves in the head you can't help but wonder how a dog worked its way into that team. He would have the mobility of Amaterasu from Okami and the crazy persona powers of Cerberus. Mainly this would be a great addition to the extensive story mode with all his great dialogue, such as "Woof/Bow Wow".

3. Jack Frost
Now Jack Frost isn't just a persona you see in every single game, he is also the face of Atlus and a big fan favorite when it comes to specific Persona. P4A has proven that each character is vastly different than the next and what better way to show that off then playing as a Persona. Jack Frost would have to comedic moves of Teddie and be able use a variety of ice based attacks. Not only that, but Jack has quite the family with Pyro Jack and Jack the Ripper being able to team up with him for even crazier moves or supers.

2. Male/Female Protagonist (P3)
It's no secret that Persona 3 was a big deal for the series and helped shape it into the popular franchise it is today. So when P4A announced that they would have characters from Persona 3, many fans hoped to play as the main protagonist. Including these two would actually be the same character, but only differ visually. They would have the power to use Orpheus as a Persona and control a wide variety of fire attacks. This would make the Persona 3 characters in P4A feel complete alongside those from Persona 4.

1. Vincent Brooks
Vincent is the main protagonist from Catherine and has some ties to the Persona universe. He had a lookalike appear in Persona 3 Portable and shared many of his problems from the game. Vincent would be the most unique character in P4A for the fact that he actually doesn't have a Persona. He would most likely be in his dream state so expect plenty of boxers and sheep horns. His C/D Persona attacks would call upon his friends he met while climbing in his nightmares. You may think this makes him a Joke character, but Arc System Works would make him hold up along with all the Persona users.

I hope you all enjoyed my hypothetical list of character I want to be added to Persona 4 Arena. Arc Systems Works is not afraid to add characters to one of their games as long as there is interest so let them know if you want to add anyone else. Anyone else agree with my picks on who they should add or do you think I am crazy for them? Let me know your thoughts and who you would add in the comments below.

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