Why I'm Psyched For The Witcher 2 On Xbox 360

By Darryl Kaye on March 13, 2012, 7:20PM EDT

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings was a critical and commercial success when it launched on the PC last May. I had the pleasure of reviewing it at the time, and I can easily see why it went on to sell over one million copies around the world. However, given that the game was effectively a poster boy for the genre on the platform, it was quite surprising to hear that it would be ported over to the Xbox 360, especially as the PS3 was negated from the equation entirely.

It makes perfect sense though, not everyone has a high-end PC capable of running CD Projekt RED's masterpiece, and it meant that a large chunk of avid RPG fans were missing out on a classic. Given the massive sales for games like Skyrim on the Xbox 360, it seems like a no brainer with hindsight.

Having already played the game through on the PC, it might seem strange that I'm psyched for the Xbox 360 version, but it's not called the "Enhanced Edition" for nothing.

New quests have been added, which CD Projekt RED hope will extend the gameplay, along with new locations. In fact, their own press release states that "The Witcher 2's intriguing plot becomes even more complex with the introduction of major new NPCs who intensify the struggle for power in the Northern Kingdoms."

As a sign of good grace, CD Projekt RED will also be releasing all the additional content that's packed into the Xbox 360 for free to PC gamers, while the Xbox 360 will contain all of the downloadable content that's been released for the PC version.

It might not seem like much, but it's fantastic to see such generosity from the developers and publisher Namco Bandai, and it shows a real appreciation for the fans that they've accrued through creating such a fantastic game in the first place.

I had the chance to witness the game during its initial development phase at E3 last year and I've got to say, for an Xbox 360 game it does look impressive. Sure, it's not up to the standard of the PC version, but they've managed to port over a lot of the quality, especially with regards to the lighting.

They also took the time to showcase how granular your decision making can be. Mass Effect has this to a degree, but it's still fairly linear. In most instances, you're able to pick the good path, or the bad path. In The Witcher 2, there are way more paths to choose. Even the game's introduction, which sees you escaping from prison, can be completed up to four different ways. And the brilliant thing is, you wouldn't even know these other ways were possible, because their integration is so seamless.

As you go through the game, these decisions get more and more complex and it's only when you speak to someone else, that you find out the array of choices at your disposal.

In short, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition is a blessing in disguise for Xbox 360 gamers. It might not be getting the attention of say Skyrim or Mass Effect 3, but it's definitely a game that RPG fans should be looking for, if they haven't got it on the PC already.

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