10 Must Have PS Vita Titles

By Andrew McDanell on October 28, 2013, 5:32PM EDT

Sony's 8th generation handheld, the PlayStation Vita, has been through quite a lot in its first year. There have been a lot of complaints about the platform not having enough games, but this is somewhat unfounded. To date, PS Vita has received over 170 games and that's not counting PSP, PS1 classics, or Minis. Really, it represents quite a library.

That's not to say all of the games have been great, in some instances that couldn't be further from the truth. That's where this list comes to the rescue. For those looking to buy a PS Vita, or those looking for new games to grab, here is a list of top PS Vita titles that all owners should have!

10 Frobisher Says
Pure insanity is what best describes this free title on the PlayStation Store. It offers crazy visuals, funny voicing by a British comedian Kevin Eldon, and just jam packed with unorthodoxed puzzles to solve. Frobisher Says remains one of the greatest ideas that will not only have you laughing but wanting to throw money at it.

The game plays out similar to a game show. You're given a limited amount of time to complete randomly chosen tasks, sometimes in the craziest of ways. Slice a cactus as the cowboy dodges your attempts? Cut the cowboy in half to get it to sit still. Think fast, score big, or else face the scrutiny of Frobisher.

9 LittleBigPlanet Vita
Boasted as the quintessential version of a fantastic franchise, the PS Vita version of LittleBigPlanet is a huge experience in a small package. Not only do you get loads of packed in content featuring all of the best LBP has to offer, but you also get access to endless player developed content. With the addition of touch control gameplay and creation, the amount of possibilities are stretched further than ever before.

The LittleBigPlanet franchise is known for its cartoonish and floaty platforming, often with puzzles and stickers scattered about its 2D worlds. One of its staples is customizing your character (Sackboy) with patterns, costumes, and add-ons. Conveniently enough, all previously bought DLC costumes from the previous generations are free to use.

8 Soul Sacrifice
While the PS Vita has not received a Monster Hunter game (yet), the mind of Keiji Inafune comes to the rescue with what could be considered by many to be even better. Soul Sacrifice is faster, crazier, and much more complex than many other games in the genre. Add to that a dark and very artistic world, and you have a monster slaying title that may spark a new franchise. Just be advised that its enjoyment is found in coop, not single player. So bring a friend.

The story follows your nameless character that is trapped within a cage, doomed to be absorbed by a dark sorcerer. Luckily, a talking magical book confronts the character and offers the power to kill the dark sorcerer and survive. The way to do so is to read the pages within the book and live the life of many other sorcerers.

7 Muramasa Rebirth
A stylized masterpiece from the minds at Vanillaware. Originally for the Wii console, this remastered classic yields amazing animation and swordplay that is strangely addicting. The story itself is tragic and easy to follow, but also yields multiple endings for replay value.

Muramasa is a side scrolling fast-paced slasher. Equipped with one of hundreds of swords with unique attributes and speeds, you travel from many unique locations and fight many types of enemies. Using a directional attack system, you can dash, slash, and juggle enemies with surprising ease.

6 Need For Speed Most Wanted
One of the true testaments to the power of the PS Vita, Most Wanted takes the massive open world racing found on the PS3 down to a handheld console. Featuring all the same cars, havoc, and matches, it only takes a few minutes of playing before you wonder how it is possible.

The game features over 40 vehicles to unlock and tear up the streets with, as well as individual upgrades and races to compete in. As you play, all of your records and scores will be pinned against your PSN friends so you can gloat your dominance. If the score still isn't settled, the game also features online play against other Vita players.

5 Killzone Mercenary
Guerrilla Cambridge has finally pulled off a true console experience first person shooter for a handheld console. Using the rendering engine used in Killzone 3, the graphics are amazing. To boot, the gameplay features fun and exciting encounters that take place in environments that offer wide range of tactical decisions.

As the name hints, you play as a mercenary for hire. Taking jobs from anyone willing to pay the big bucks, which is fruitful during the war between the ISA and the Helghast. As you progress, your hard earned cash can be spent buying weapons, armor, ammo, and more. You also seek creds as a mercenary over all other players as your raise your bank tally to the top of the leaderboards.

4 Uncharted Golden Abyss
What would a Sony platform be these days without an Uncharted title? Surprisingly, Golden Abyss was not done by Naughty Dog, however Bend Studio did an amazing job, creating a title that many argue is better than Drake's Fortune. It's surprising to see a game that looks and feels so much like a main console Uncharted game on a handheld.

Golden Abyss takes place a few years before the first Uncharted game. It follows Nathan Drake as he does some work for a partner named Dante. After meeting another acquaintance named Chase, Drake gets swept up in some dirty deals with a local warlord named Roberto Guerro.

3 Sound Shapes
At first glance, one might suspect Sound Shapes to be a typical platformer. However melding rhythm, music, and a neat grab mechanic, Sound Shapes offers a masterpiece of ear and eye candy. A beat is constantly at work and grabbing notes will transform it from a simple tune to an orchestra of music.

To add to this simple but elegant platformer is a host of challenge modes and map builder. In the challenge modes, you'll be hit with difficult situations that will test both your wit, timing, and patience. In the map builder, you can create your very own musical and visual masterpiece for you as well as other players to experience.

2 Persona 4 Golden
What sets Persona 4 apart from the crowd is its modern feel mixed with truly unique gameplay elements. Building relationships with different characters is not only fun but also builds your character's strengths. The story is very gripping and full of plot twists. It also features some of the best presentation and music you'll ever find in video games.

Back on the PS Vita, it's much more than just a port of the PS2 classic. Golden remasters this amazing JRPG into a stunning new package that new and old fans will enjoy. Complete with updated visuals, new voicing, updated gameplay mechanics, and tons of new content. No Vita collection is complete without P4G. None.

1 Gravity Rush
Some may argue that Persona should take the cake here. However while Persona 4 Golden is definitely one of the greatest games on the PS Vita, Gravity Rush does what few games can do. Something innovative, something different, and it does it great. A simple concept of controlling the forces of gravity is excellently pulled off with a sense of helplessness, but also power. All done with an open world and an absolutely beautiful art style.

You play as Kat, a mysterious young lady that can't remember her past. She's met by an equally as mysterious cat that she calls Dusty, which grants her the power to control gravity itself. Quickly you find yourself battling against unknown shadow creatures that threaten the people of the city you wake up in. All the while trying to unlock Kat's past and explore the world itself.

That rounds up the list. Yet there are so many more that could be listed. If you currently have a PS Vita, what games do you think others should buy? Or if you're looking to get a PS Vita, what games are you planning on getting? Leave us a comment below!

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