10 Saddest Moments In The Kingdom Hearts Franchise

By Mike Sousa on December 2, 2013, 5:18PM EDT

When Kingdom Hearts was announced back at E3 2001, there were mixed opinions about the news that it would merge the worlds of Final Fantasy and Disney. We didn't realize at that moment that Kingdom Hearts would then spawn a franchise delivering amazing experiences that would capture the hearts of millions.

Despite Disney's colorful and cheerful influence over the Kingdom Hearts series, it hasn't stopped the franchise from featuring a story with its own share of sad moments. We now present you what we feel are the 10 saddest moment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise so far.

10. Sora Sees Namine and Xion (Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance)
During Dream Drop Distance, Sora sees Naminé in a dream and tries to deliver her a message to thank her. However, before Sora has a chance to say anything, Naminé turns into Xion.

Although Sora doesn't know who Xion is, Roxas, who is resting inside Sora, does. Sora feels Roxas' sadness/happiness for being able to see Xion once again, and sheds a tear due to that. Something similar to this happened in Kingdom Hearts 2 when Sora said goodbye to Hayner, Pence and Olette. Before Sora can understand what's going on, Xion runs off, leaving behind Sora.

9. Two Who Were Never Meant to Meet (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep)
In the secret ending of Birth by Sleep, we find out that Ansem the Wise is alive in the realm of darkness. When Aqua and Ansem meet, Aqua states that she has been in the realm of darkness for a long time, and that she wants to return to the realm of light in order to help her friends.

Aqua's words remind Ansem of a boy that also cares a lot for his friends. Ansem added that the worlds have nearly turned to darkness many times, but every time they were saved by this boy wielding keyblade in hand. For a moment, Aqua thinks it might be either Terra or Ventus, but unfortunately much for Aqua's sadness, Ansem confirms it's neither of them.

Ansem confesses that he was blinded by vengeance, and that his actions brought sadness to many lives, but despite this, he believes that this boy will set things right and save all those who are suffering. When Aqua asks the boy's name, we see several characters that have gone saying "Sora", with Aqua shedding a tear as she hears his name. This can be seen as a moment of hope, it reminds us of many characters are suffering, and that Sora must put an end to their sadness and grief.

8. Roxas's Grief (Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance)
In Dream Drop Distance, Sora encounters his nobody, Roxas, and they have a conversation. Roxas states that things could have been the other way around (Roxas being his own person and not Sora), but believes that Sora will be the one to live on. Although Sora says that Roxas deserves as much as him to be his own person, Roxas once again states that it should be Sora, and passes all of his memories to Sora. This is really sad because Roxas valued his existence and desired to be more than just Sora's nobody.

7. Sora's Sacrifice (Kingdom Hearts)
Following the fight between Sora and Riku, Sora decides that it's necessary to wake up Kairi. But in order to do that, Sora needs to return her heart, which is resting inside of him.

Sora believes that the only way to do that is by releasing his own heart by stabbing himself with Riku's keyblade and is determined to do this even if it means if he will disappear. Sora's action releases the princesses of hearts' hearts, as well as Kairi's heart. With her heart finally back to her body, Kairi wakes up only to see her best friend (the person she loves) fading away.

6. Day 352 (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days)
Day 352 marks the last day that Roxas, Xion, and Axel ate ice cream together. After narrowly escaping the Organisation, the trio set off to the clock tower. This moment is when the three of them start to realize things might take a turn for the worse soon.

Xion states that despite seeing many sunsets before, the one they were currently seeing put all others to shame, probably believing that this would be the last sunset they would see together. Roxas, despite being naïve and unaware of the truth, also believes that these days would be coming to an end soon, therefore suggesting they should run away in order to be together forever. Axel on the other hand, states that even if they never see each other again they would never forget each other.

5. Terra's Ending (Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep)
During the final battle at the Keyblade Graveyard, Terra faces Master Xehanort, the man responsible for Master Eraqus' death (someone that was like a father to him), and all the suffering his friends went through. Master Xehanort uses this as a way to exploit Terra's anger in order to force him to use the darkness in his heart.

As Terra sees his friends' lives in danger his anger triggers the darkness inside of him, with Master Xehanort using this opportunity to take over Terra's body, creating Terranort.

As Terranort walks toward Kingdom Hearts, Terra's armour, which holds Terra's will and spirit, seeks to stop Terranort and challenges him to a combat in order to reclaim his body. Unfortunately, despite emerging victorious, the armor is unable to reclaim his body. The result is that Terranort is swallowed by the X-Blade's explosion. As Kingdom Hearts slowly disappears from the sky, Terra promises to Aqua and Ventus that someday he will set things right.

4. Axel and Roxas' Farewell (Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix)
Following Axel's sacrifice, Sora, Donald, and Goofy make their way to the organization's base, but are intercepted by Roxas and the nobodies. Sora and Roxas then have a duel inside Sora's heart, with Sora emerging as the winner.

At the moment of his defeat, Roxas and Axel's spirits meet on the clock tower where they start talking about Roxas' fate. Axel then asks Roxas if he has a heart, a question to which Roxas has no answer, but believes that Sora will find the answer. As Axel gives ice cream to Roxas they both start talking about the day they met and the days they had spent eating ice cream together until Roxas decides that he needs to go back to Sora. As they both start fading away, they both say farewell to each other, with Axel shedding a tear before disappearing.

3. Kingdom Heart's Ending
After Sora, Donald, and Goofy defeat Ansem, the trio tries to close the door to darkness, but numerous heartless appear from the realm of darkness as they try to close the door. As they start to lose hope, Riku and Mickey appear to help them, and together they manage to close the door.

Both Riku and Mickey have to stay in the realm of darkness, with Riku telling Sora to take care of Kairi. Despite Riku's words, Sora leaves Kairi behind on Destiny Islands in order to to save Riku and Mickey before returning to the islands. Sora saves the world from darkness, but is unable to be reunited with his best friends, which was his main objective.

2. Aqua's Sacrifice (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep)
Following the tragic events at the Keyblade Graveyard, Aqua hides away Ventus's body in Castle Oblivion, and then sets off to find Terra, only to find him under the control of Xehanort.

After a climactic battle, Terra starts to regain control over his heart, forcing Xehanort to use his keyblade to free Terra's heart, but results in him falling into the realm of darkness, with Aqua jumping right after him.

Aqua manages to retrieve Terra's body, but then realizes she's unable to bring both of them back to the realm of light, so Aqua decides to sacrifice herself so that Terra can make it back.

As Aqua slowly falls to the depths of this realm, she apologizes to Ventus for not being able make it back as soon as she thought, but promises that one day she would return to wake him up.

1. Xion's Death (Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days)
As Xion starts to find out what she is, her purpose, and how dangerous she is to Roxas, she realizes that is necessary for her to disappear and sheer plans to force Roxas to absorb her. When the two meet at the clock tower, Xion engages Roxas in a combat to the death, with Roxas being the winner.

With Xion defeated, Roxas starts to forget who she is, and as Xion falls in his arms, Xion asks Roxas to free Kingdom Hearts, and tells him that he and Axel were her best friends. Just before she disappears, Roxas remembers who she is, screaming "Who else will I have ice cream with!?". Although this might be a little silly, you must appreciate that for Roxas, eating ice cream together is like a "proof" that 2 people are best friends. So when Roxas says that it's like him is asking "Who will be my best friend?" or "Who will be there for me?"

After she disappears, Roxas grabs a seashell dropped by Xion and then begins to cry while reminiscing over the happy moments he spent with Xion before her death.

Do you agree with our Top 10 Saddest Moments? Is there a particular moment that you think that deserved to be on this list? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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