2014 In Gaming: Capcom

By Adam Ma on December 11, 2013, 11:02PM EDT

The road for Capcom has been rife with confusion as of late, compounded with fans not really having a concrete idea of where the developer/publisher is moving in development. Questions run rampant. Where is the future of Resident Evil headed? Will Devil May Cry will continue to be developed third party? Will Lost Planet see a redesign in the wake of poor critical acclaim? Does their plan for mobile gaming is really keeping western gamers in mind?

For Capcom 2014 will be a a year of critical scrutiny, one which will cause them to not only look at the way they've handled their projects in the past but also how they plan on working with IP's well into the future. The list of games we can concretely say the company will release or talk about is very short as a result, but it certainly doesn't mean Capcom will stay silent for the year. We already know they're focusing hard on reorganizing themselves internally, sorting out what projects need their full attention, and turning their recently cleaned slate into something to be proud of.

Looking ahead Capcom has plenty of opportunities to wow their fans on both next gen and current gen consoles, and when you consider the developer currently owns some of the biggest names in horror, fighting, and platforming it shouldn't be long before Capcom steps out and lets us know what's been happening behind the curtains. Or at the very least takes the time to provide us with a bit of direction into the future.

Strider HD

It's been a long time since Strider has seen action on the platformer scene, although his constant appearance in Marvel vs Capcom keeps the fan favorite in the spotlight. Not much has been revealed so far, but there are a few revealed elements that leave us excited to know more. Faster combat, upgradeable weaponry, less linear and extended gameplay compared to the original? Couple that with a soundtrack that's meant to pay homage to the classic title and you've got yourself an awesome sounding reboot.

When you consider the treatment Ducktales got, it's hard not to contain the excitement.

Ultra Street Fighter IV

Another year, another Street Fighter right? 'New' characters will join the existing roster in Japanese arcades come April 2014, throwing in some balance tweaks and likely a couple new background levels that everyone will ignore. More exciting features are the Ultra Combo Double and Red Focus Attack, which allows players to double up on ultras at the cost of damage or push a focus attack through increased hits respectively.

The new mechanics will definitely change the way tournament play flows, and coupled with that comes a boost in the overall roster. Four of the five characters have already been announced, all picked from earlier Street Fighter games. Rolento, Elena, Poison, and Hugo will be joined by another mystery fighter; likely to be an entirely new character if the trend from previous SFIV updates continues.

Deep Down

Very little is known about Capcom's latest working title, Deep Down, but the information we have on it so far sounds quite exciting. A (thus far) free-to-play title that combines some free world adventuring with the dungeon crawling of titles like Dark Souls, Capcom appears to be bridging the gap between single player and cooperative while at the same time attempting to maintain an exploratory atmosphere.

A multiplayer and single player teaser trailer have been released so far, showing off a series of adventurers exploring dark and foreboding dungeons, unleashing time-pausing spells and a brief fight against a fantasy staple monster; and though anything may be possible in the near future Deep Down appears to be a PS4 exclusive, something for the Sony loyalists to look forward to justify their next gen purchase.

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