Adam's Rant: 5 Rather Petty Reasons To Hate The PS4

By Adam Ma on June 17, 2013, 4:41PM EDT

Sony did a pretty great job this E3, not only focusing on quite a few stellar first party titles but at the same time dispelling some tremendous fears that the entire industry was going to bend at the whim of Microsoft's ridiculous Xbox One features. There was a lot of cheering, a lot of applause, and for once we managed to get through an entire Expo without seeing someone dance around with motion controls on stage. A win-win scenario right?

But what if you still just want to look for flaws, if only for a bit of fun? What if years of not owning a PlayStation has made you bitter and cold, reluctant to jump on the PS4 train. What if you're trying to find excuses to hate their upcoming next-gen? Yes, in case you hadn't noticed by now, this is all rather sarcastic. Still, you should probably sit back, relax, and enjoy the free ammunition to use on all those fanboys who're born to hate.

1. The PS4 Console Has Awful Logistics
Does Sony even listen to gamers at all? Obviously they don't, otherwise they would know how hard it is to get an entire entertainment system to stack neatly, leaving more shelf space for the other valuables in my home. Instead they make the PlayStation 4, a console that's obviously not going to fit absolutely flush with my surround sound console. It doesn't take a team of top scientists to determine that a rhombus is the worst possible shape for almost any home.

After years of having to deal with the strange half-oval shape of the PS3, you'd think Sony would have learned their lesson. Apparently, gamers must suffer every nonstandard shape in existence before going back to the simple days of a rectangular electronic device. So thanks Sony, I guess it's time to buy an individual stand just to display your iconic system like some obtuse trophy in the center of my home.

2. Indie Titles Are No Longer Indie
You know what happens when you take a bunch of incredibly talented independent developers and give them the resources, advertising and funding they need to succeed on the major platforms? Everyone discovers them, can better appreciate their games, and are immersed in a world of artistic talent not hindered by major publishing rules or regulations.

They also no longer count as being indie, because what's the point of playing a videogame that everyone else has played. That loses you street cred, and what kind of elitist gamer can anyone possibly claim to be if every schmuck with a PS4 has access to Octodad. Previously developers like Tribute Games, Young Horses and 17 Bit Games would have sat quietly on the sideline, their names secondary to their developed titles; now thanks to Sony finding an obscure title that hasn't been praised for its innovation is just becoming nigh impossible. Great.

3. More Free Games On PlayStation Plus?
The only thing more insulting than having a full price game become discounted heavily only a few months after launch would be having it become completely free less than a year later, and yet here we are with Playstation Plus having the audacity to just give away a title like X-Com to all their subscribers. We could argue that you need to pay 5 dollars to subscribe, but that would mean taking into consideration the other titles that PS Plus would be offering for free on a monthly rolling basis.

It's like a slap to the face, somewhat cushioned under a pile of disgusting free games available across all PlayStation devices.

4. Pay To Play Online
Finally Sony joins the ranks of consoles which force you to pay in order access online multiplayer in a game. Gone are the days of zero accountability for PSN due to their poor servers or unusable launch day multiplayer features.

Like other subscription companies, their pay-to-play feature is hidden under a padding of PlayStation exclusive dlc, bonus content and day one unlockables. A padding no doubt created exclusively to make us forget about this new criminal feature that was entirely glossed over during their E3 conference, displayed instead suspiciously during a video 'tutorial' on how to share PS4 games. Nice try Sony, you sneaky heartless corporate machine.

5. Free Netflix
What's the best way to distract from the fact that your console is so terrible it won't be featuring any of the Call of Duty Ghost map packs first? By highlighting other features that have absolutely nothing to do with your consoles ability to play games.

It's understandable that Sony would want to hide in shame behind the strength of a streaming service like Netflix, but gamers today are far too savvy to be fooled by such slight of hand.

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