Check Out The Princess And The Pilot Blu-ray Premium Edition

By Melissa Evans on June 21, 2013, 7:04PM EDT

This time around we have an anime movie premium box set to talk about and that said movie is The Princess and The Pilot one of the few movies that NIS America has brought over.

It available at select relaters and via the NIS America Store for $35.99 The premium box set comes in a hardcover slipcase with the the feature film and an art book titled "Flight Log." This artbook is packed with character info, rough sketches, artist interviews, and setting illustrations.

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Original released in 2011 The Princess and The Pilot tells the story of Princess Fana the daughter of the noble family of del Moral. She is proposed to by Princes Carlo from the country of Lavamme, but they are at war with with the neighboring Amatsuvian so the marrige had to wait till after the war ends. Man man named Charles has always dreamed of flying and in time becomes an ace pilot of the air force. He is then tasked with a top secret mission of delivering the princess to her prince. But the sky isn't as safe as it seems.


Watching the blu-ray you will notice that the menu text is very simple, but features art from the movie on the side. I actually really like the attention detail on the the disk other then just placing the name of the film we get the two protagonists back to back.

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Overall the story was very sweet and fun to watch but the characters weren't extremely well rounded with lots of back story. For a movie this can be understandable but this could have been fleshed out a lot more. Its refreshing to see classic air force sky battles since these days the closest we get is mecha and giant robots.

The Princess and The Pilot is available now at the NIS America Store.

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