Dynasty Warriors 8 Video Playthrough: Escape From Luoyang

By Darryl Kaye on July 28, 2013, 8:53AM EDT

People have been asking us to do proper video content for a while now, and we've finally got ourselves to a position where it's possible! So, without further adieu I'd like to introduce GamingMDs, a new YouTube channel affiliated with GamingUnion.net that will look exclusively at co-operative gameplay.

The channel will feature myself (Mephman) and Nelson (DauntlessStrife) playing through games together and to start off, we've picked Dynasty Warriors 8.

Now, Dynasty Warriors is one of those franchises which has tons of replay value and also has a rather interesting reputation. It's also a franchise we both love to death, so it makes sense that we'd start off with Dynasty Warriors 8.

Episode 1 will see us start right from the beginning with the Dynasty Warriors 8 Wei campaign. The mission is Escape from Luoyang and it sees Cao Cao trying to escape from the clutches of Dong Zhou.

Following on from this, we'll be putting out new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday as we go through the entire Wei campaign together, all while discussing the game's nuances and new mechanics.

Check out the firs episode below, and be sure to subscribe on YouTube and like on Facebook.

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