E3 2013 Highlights: Microsoft Press Conference

By Mike Sousa on June 15, 2013, 5:13PM EDT

After several months anticipating the arrival of the 2013 edition of E3, on June 10th, the lights went out at the Galen Center and enthusiasm and anticipation gave way to a barrage of news. Thinking of all members of our community who have lost the conference or who want to recap what has been announced, we decided to condense all the information in one place, starting with Microsoft's conference.

Even before the Microsoft's conference had started, in a pre-event organized by GameTrailers.com, we came to know the new entry in the Kinect Sports series, Kinect Sports Rivals. The game will be available for Xbox One, and will include a wide variaty of sports, and will be one of the games to accompany the launch of Xbox One.

If you are a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series and you intend to buy a Xbox One, you will be happy to hear that Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain was confirmed for Xbox One. During the conference it was also shown the illumination system of the game, meteorological changes in real time and an open world.

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Despite the Xbox One being the main feature of the event, Microsoft didn't forget about Xbox 360, and announced that Xbox 360 will get a new Look, and two free games a month for gold members, with Halo 3 and Assassin's Creed 2 being available on July 1st.

Minecraft will also be making an appearance on Xbox One, after the success of the Xbox 360 version, with more than 6 million people buying the XBLA version of the game. Fans of Deadly Premonition will be pleased to know that director Hidetaka is working on D4, an exclusive for Xbox One, although no details were revealed. Following D4, the next title to be revealed at the event was Project Spark, a game that will allow players to use Kinect and SmartGlass to build their own games.

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Fan of Dead Rising? Then this is for you: Dead Rising 3 confirmed as a Xbox One exclusive. One of the new features about the game is that it will take place in an open world, and the main character is now Nick Ramos.

And remember back in the days, when thinking of Insomaniac Games meant Playstation platforms? Well, things aren't like that anymore, after releasing FUSE for many platforms, now Insomaniac is working on Sunset Overdrive, a Xbox One exclusive.

Despite not being exclusive to Microsoft platforms, during the conference we came to know that Battlefield 4 will run at 60 FPS. This was immediately followed by the revelation of Halo for Xbox One.

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Ryse also made an appearance, under the name Ryse: Son of Rome, another Xbox One exclsuive and launch title. A game that relies a lot on Quick Time Events, and it's being programmed using the CryEngine 3 engine.

Another game that joined the Xbox One games list is The Witcher 3, along with TitanFall which will be released on Spring 2014.

Don't like play against the AI in racing games? No problem, Forza 5 won't require any kind of AI, since the game will record the details about your driving style and adjust your oponents to it. And if this doesn't impress you, then maybe you could try some indie games, like Below a game being developed by Capybara. Another reveal, flying it's way to Xbox One, is Crimson Dragon, along with new details for Quantum Break.

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Regarding Mircosoft itself, a partnership with Twitch was announced. As for Xbox Live, it was revealed that Microsoft will ditch their Microsoft points system, with real money will being used from now on.

To close the event, probably the most awaited announcement of the event, Xbox One will arrive in November in 21 diferent, and will cost 499$. And if you are one of the first to buy the console, will you also get a special achievement and controller.

If you want to see the whole conference, you can check the video below. Also, make sure you listen our @GU Podcast to know what GamingUnion thought of the event.

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