Hotline Miami PS3/Vita Impressions

By Spencer Pressly on July 2, 2013, 5:58PM EDT

Hotline Miami debuted on PC in 2012 and ever since then has taken the internet by storm. It is a game unlike any other title out there and is a brand new kind of genre (top down fuck-'em-up). Now the game is out PS3 and PlayStation Vita for people who missed out playing it on a computer up until now. The game is a total steal at $9.99, includes cross-buy/save support, and a fancy platinum trophy to top things off. These PlayStation versions of the game is completely the same as the PC, but includes a bonus mask that you can find early in the game.

Be sure to check out our review we posted last year for a general overview of the story and gameplay in Hotline Miami here. This impressions piece will be talking about how the game plays on the PS versions of the game. While both versions of the PS versions are the same, the Vita version clearly has the advantage of being played on the go. It is a great way to just spend countless hours playing the game, just make sure to have some decent headphones with you so that you can get wrapped up in the truly amazing soundtrack.

While playing Hotline Miami for hours on end is not a bad thing, the mission are so easy to pickup and put down that playing the game on your commute works just as well. The super fast and simple gameplay is just fun and unforgiving here as it is on PC. Using analog sticks instead of a mouse and keyboard doesn't feel like you are at a disadvantage. The make up for some people who may not be able to react using dual sticks, there is a lock feature that helps out with that problem.

Ever floor in Hotline Miami is like a very bloody puzzle that will slap you hard across the face as soon as you drop your guard. When you roll into a new level, the best way to score big points is to be a crazy person who can move through an entire level without having to stop like a flawless dance. Mastering the game to this kind of level is what keeps making this relativity short game so deep. The game features over 20 different kind of levels that will test you in all sorts of ways.

The difficulty will never take it easy on you, but restarting never feels like an annoyance since you know that you are the only reason responsible for your death. Trying to get ever trophy is it's own kind of challenge that is far from an easy platinum. The trophies are exactly the same as the Steam achievements, for anyone looking for a reason to pick up both version. Also the PS3 and Vita's trophy list is shared so there will not be any way to get the coveted double platinum sadly.

Unless you are an avid trophy lover, the PS version of Hotline Miami doesn't do enough to warrant another purchase from people who already played it on PC. That being said the extremely low price point for all of the addictive content (especially if you have a Vita) is hard to not turn down. Hotline Miami is still one of the most unique, addictive, gory, and overall awesome games to come to the PlayStation Network. This must have title should be played on any system you can buy it on as long as you don't mind having your mind blow (literally).

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