How Sony Made PlayStation Users Go Through Withdrawal

By Spencer Pressly on April 17, 2013, 3:09AM EDT

If you are a PlayStation fan you know that the PlayStation Store updates are never at a time convenient to you the player. Where as the Xbox Marketplace and Steam updates at different hours of the week instead of a single day outside of special circumstances, Sony gets a lot of flack for this tardiness. The PS Store update for April 16th has still not gone live as of this writing and the die hard fans of all things PlayStation are going crazy with their lack of new downloadable goodies.

Sony issued this update on their official Twitter explaining the delay in new PS Store update:
[[quote]]UPDATE: Today's PS Store publish will be delayed due to ongoing PSN maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience - stay tuned for updates[[/quote]]

Over on the Official PlayStation Blog, things have turned into a bit of a mad house. The latest blog post's comments section talking about the Soul Sacrifice demo has gone from talk about the upcoming Vita game and is now a growing list of random complaints from PSN users.

While this started off as players complaining about the ridiculously late update, it has now turned into random comment and here are some of the highlights so far. As someone who also stayed up late to play the demo for Soul Sacrifice in hopes to get a preview to all you fine readers, I thought this would be excuse for my lack of my sleep so here are some of the highlights I have come across so far.

[[quote]]JellyJugs-store is updated :D NOT!

thrillwell-I'm to lazy to turn on my PS3 but I'm gonna complain anyway!

justinzhu123-MOM: why do u stop checking the store?
Me: sorry mom i cant do this all day long, plz let me do some review for the exam..
MOM: Are you kiddin me? quit study and go wait for the DEMO NOW. U need to be foucs on gaming, not study.

yesimasian2-the chickpea is neither a chick nor a pea"¦ discuss"¦(They did at great length)

Kniight-07-so is this how the ps4"²s service going to be like?

Vcheese-How about we make a song out of this

bigdaddyxxcheckout the new man of steel trailer (Good idea at this point)

ElektroDragon-Obligatory annoyance post 3226.

yesimasian2-"Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck"¦"
"” Dalai Lama

Varnyak-Im almost out of tostitos, there is going to be a crisis if the demo isnt up soon!
Oh and feel free to add me

vneego-Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau

saintaqua-I have an idea to pass the time!
Let's all take turns telling parts of a story and see how far it gets"¦anyone who prematurely ends it can be ignored or considered an alternate ending. ;)
I'll begin"¦
Once upon a time there was a guy who stayed up past his usual bed time waiting for the Playstation store to update. The store always updated at random times but it was almost always updated by around 9pm.
This particular night, however, it was well into the morning of the next fay and still nothing. Not even any news!
He was about to give up and go to bed when he heard a strange sound"¦.

GummyCore-Is there a trophy for waiting?

Red-G43-Maybe all these comments are what's slowing down PSN ¿ 0.o

sheik_ah-is this devotion or obsession?

XtemmA2-aaand the cow is gone.[[/quote]]

Around 2AM in the morning Central Standard time (time of this writing) and the comments keep growing. Sony if you only know what you were doing to your loyal fan base, maybe you would remember to hit the PS Store update switch before you head to home to watch Game of Thrones or Doctor Who before falling asleep like a normal person.

You can check out the almost endless growing list of comments in the source below and feel free to share your random comments in the comments below. Also if you have any tips for surviving this long night without a PS Store update be sure to share them as well below.

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