Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds We're Hoping For

By Jared Scott on July 28, 2013, 3:44PM EDT

Since the announcement Kingdom Hearts 3, the internet has greatly wondered what worlds will be present in the conclusion of the Xehanort Saga. And while Nomura and his team have yet to determine which worlds to use, we decided to throw our two-cents into the ring. So without further ado, here are five worlds that we'd like to see in Kingdom Hearts 3.

We're going to take into consideration all of the recent stuff too, with Nomura stating that he's hoping he gets the green light to venture into the realms of Pixar and Star Wars. So, don't be too scared if this list seems a little bit abstract, because this list contains the most dreamy locations possible.

Each of these locations are in no particular order, but we're going to kick off our Kingdom Hearts 3 ideal worlds with a classic from Disney - it's actually amazing this isn't in Kingdom Hearts already.

Robin Hood
Disney's Robin Hood tells the story of the clever thief who risks it all to steal from King Richard to give to the needy of Nottingham. One of the pinnacles of this tale is the grand tournament in which the winner steals a kiss from Maid Marian. Such is the best moment for our hero Sora to arrive.

In our ideal Kingdom Hearts 3 scenario, Sora follows Robin Hood and joins in the tournament because he believes Kairi is the one to receive the kiss. Little does he know, but on the other side of things, Kairi joins because she wants to prevent Sora from kissing Maid Marian. Through this journey, Sora has several run-ins with the Sheriff and the desire to tax the people of Nottingham. Through this ordeal, he gets a stark realization of the dangers of greed and power.

Star Wars IV Episode IV: A New Hope
It wouldn't take too much effort to snugly fit the world of Star Wars into Kingdom Hearts. Imagine, our protagonist Riku arriving on the world of Tatooine who runs into Luke Skywalker and company as they escape from Storm Trooper aboard the Millenium Falcon.

Seeing a little of himself in Luke, Riku could assist him in his training to protect that which is important to him as well as avenge his family. His adventures would take Riku into the very heart of the Death Star to rescue Princess Leia and even confront Darth Vader after Obi-Wan is slain.

As he holds the villain back for his friends to escape, Riku would undoubtedly see that he could have become a Darth Vader himself. Perhaps Riku's confrontation would show Vader that anyone can turn away from the darkness and be redeemed which would set in motion the events of the next two films.

Monsters Inc.
The inhabitants of Monsters Inc. are a strange bunch. Using the power of fear as their source of economy, they spend a daily routine scaring children from the doorway of their closets. This all changes of course when a small child who is named Boo enters the scene. While Mike and Sully struggle to keep things under wraps, soon enough Boo is wondering the plant alone.

Monsters Inc. would really be the ideal world for Kingdom Hearts 3, as Sora and his gang would be able to don some amazing costumes. Seeking to help Boo reunite with Mike and Sully, they could encounter agents and heartless alike. All of this the while gaining a little more compassion and gentle nature from dealing with Boo's infant spirit.

Toy Story
The first Toy Story told a tale of jealousy, the dangers of ignorance, and friendship, something seen in the first Kingdom Hearts. This would be a world fitting for Sora, Kairi, and Riku to visit each taking the form of toys such as dolls and action figures.

Guided by Little Bo Peep in Andy's room, Sora could understand the struggles of Kairi to stand in the side lines while seeing her friends fight, but being unable to help. Kairi, trapped with the mangled toys of Sid's room, would further understand the terror that her dear friends have confronted and suffered through while pressing forward to save a friend.

Riku, after seeing the bravery and determination of Woody to save both Buzz Lightyear and the molested toys, would be strongly encouraged that the now reformed Nobodies he once clashed with could be both his comrades-in-arms and his friends.

The Sword in the Stone
A 6th century world of knights and honor, what better setting than this for our heroes to inhabit. As Riku enters this world, he encounters one of Merlin's many training sessions with Arthur. During this time he learns a bit about magic and its many uses, however at the same time he learns of the fabled "Sword In The Stone." He ponders a while on if the sword could in fact be a powerful Keyblade that he could wield in order to protect his friends. Intrigued by tales of honor and knighthood, Riku eventually seeks out the sword only to witness the birth of King Arthur and cheer on his rise to honor. While it wasn't the blade he thought it was, it no doubt shapes his perspective on true power in honor and leadership.

Each of these worlds would not only expand the universe of Kingdom Hearts, but help the personal growth of Sora, Kairi, and Riku. But what's your take from our list? Would you prefer exploring the prequels of Star Wars or perhaps revisit worlds from previous installments? Let us know in the comments below.

Andrew McDanell also contributed to this article.

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