Machinima Vs Gamestop: The Wrong Kind Of Joke

By Stew Chyou on February 6, 2013, 6:10PM EDT

Recently, Machinima reported that Gamestop will be closing 500 of its stores across the U.S. due to sales in 2012 being anywhere but favorable. Khail Anonymous, upon delivering the news proceeds to deliver a self-gratifying exhumation of 'evil laughter' followed by an over endearing show-and-tell of middle fingers and cusses. On Khail's twitter, he shares that he had once been a Gamestop employee and tweets "it was surprisingly degrading. Boo GameStop."

Now I know what it's like being enslaved to a corporate job where the primary focus is to help the rich get richer and I most certainly don't put Gamestop on the pedestal of greatest gaming vendors of all time, far from it. Would I do any different than Khail in putting Gamestop on backed up toilet blast, especially in a position where I'm paid to say whatever I want which would rightfully have me detached from reality? Probably not. Do I mourn the current financial strife of Gamestop? Absolutely not. I've had my fair share of problems with Gamestop and one incident back during the holidays of '08 led me to contacting their corporate offices. But to be fair they did take care of the problem; yes there's a long story behind that. I've also had friends who worked for Gamestop and just about 99 percent of them did advise that the job was most degrading going as far as almost having them quit gaming.

Khail's certainly not alone when it comes to expressing Gamestop's great many flaws. I do agree that there are a number of business practices that require extensive internal review (please stop asking me to do a power-up rewards card with every visit). But while they figure out if there's anything worth figuring out on their end, we here in the U.S. still have to do battle with the current job economy. We all know that it hasn't been getting any better and the situation with Gamestop proves that it won't be doing so anytime soon.

Having experienced these problems head on, I've come to believe that the last thing we should be doing is celebrating or even chuckling at those who are about to get drop kicked in the nuts with unemployment. Despite whatever qualms I've had in the past with Gamestop, I'm still on decent terms with my local spot and the last thing I'd want to happen to those folks would be to get axed. At the end of the day, the reps of Gamestop go home as gamers and they start their days as gamers just like us. And just like us, if we can't pay our bills or support our families, what happens to our time with gaming?

Khail claims to be all for the community, but obviously he's neglecting a certain demographic with those who regardless of career choices are still one of us. If he's held a grudge for this long and has waited for the very day where he gets to cut loose, and remains proud of it, that's fine - good for him. But there are a few things we can walk away with here:

  • Unless well deserved, no one should be sucked into being the butt end of someone else's laughter as far as losing jobs go, directly or indirectly.

  • Sympathies go out to those, and their families, affected by this unfortunate turn out. Though not as important, this means that a good many of them will be missing out on certain anticipated releases of 2013, and possibly more thereafter.

  • Khail Anonymous obviously isn't funny, but when you've become oblivious to certain aspects of reality, and you have trouble letting go of certain pasts, it's to be expected.

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