Metal Gear Rising VR Missions DLC Impressions

By Spencer Pressly on March 13, 2013, 8:45PM EDT

Almost a month after Metal Gear Rising Revengeance released, we finally get the first major form of DLC for the game with 30 brand new VR missions. This DLC is exclusive to PS3 in North America and will be on 360 in Europe/PAL regions. The best part is that until April 3 you can download these new missions for free. So even if you do not have the game yet, just add them to your download list and you can play them any time after that.

These DLC VR missions are not like the normal VR missions and are similar to the kind of missions in the game Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions for PlayStation. Sadly this doesn't mean there is a murder mystery part in these missions, but things get crazy very quickly. There is a good variety in each mission ranging from using your fists as Raiden similar to an old school beat-em up and surviving a deadly platforming sections as a dwarf gekko.

The missions that actually have you straight up attacking people as Raiden really mix it up with the level of difficulty in each mission. The challenge in each one of these 30 missions will be sure to keep you busy. Not only is just finishing most of these missions your first time difficult to say the least, but actually getting the top time adds an even deeper level stress. As a nice bonus this DLC comes with some free trophies for these 30 new VR missions in the form of a silver trophy for finishing every mission and a gold for getting the best time in each mission.

If you have played Rising for all that it had to offer these VR missions will be sure to keep you more than busy until the next batch of DLC. Still for those who are looking for a nice way to earn BP without replaying large sections of the story, these new missions can give out quite a lot of BP if you have the skill to earn a fast enough time.

Some of the most memorable parts that come out of this DLC come from the missions that make you wonder how Platinum could make this work in the Rising engine. Somehow a crazy fast action game can also work surprisingly well as a Frogger clone and shooting gallery. The VR levels also craft some truly memorable set pieces that you can't find in the main game. It isn't every day you can set off a chain of air born ninja kills from five stories up, until you get to the ground.

The new missions really surpass the games prior VR missions by getting away from simple combat arenas and focusing on the original. All this is missing is the ability to dress up in costumes during VR missions so you can relive playing as the Cyborg Ninja from MGS in a whole new set of VR missions. This free piece of DLC is nothing to scoff at and is a must download for anyone with a copy of Rising who was looking for another excuse to cut people up into a million pieces.

If you have played these new VR missions feel free to let us know what you think of them in the comments below.

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