PlayStation 4 Games/Tech Demo Thoughts

By Spencer Pressly on February 22, 2013, 12:33AM EDT

The PlayStation Meeting 2013 was not only just a reveal for the PlayStation 4, it was also a detailed look at what we can expect to see in the future for this new console. While most will not get a chance to try out the PS4 until Holiday 2013, Sony brought more than enough developers and publishers out to show us what to expect. There was a lot of different games from many different genres to keep most gamers a reason to check out the new system.


Sony decided to show off the first official PS4 game called Knack and it is brought to you by Sony Japan Studios. While it may seem like a generic cartoony platformer at first, if you take a closer look at Knack the game seems much more. You play as Knack, who can bring many different substances into his body and gain new abilities with his increased size. Think Jak and Daxter mixed with Katamari Damacy.

It has been a while since Sony has made an attempt at taking on a fun platformer. These appel to the you as well as the old when it comes to who can enjoy these games. Having Sony Japan working on this title also stands out quite a bit with their creativity always shining through in whatever game they have a hand in. We will have to wait and see what other new features Knack will be bringing to the PS4, but still should make nostalgic PlayStation fans excited.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

While we knew that Guerrilla Games was working on a brand new entry in the Killzone series, Shadow Fall will be something different this time around. Set after Killzone 3, two new factions the Helghast and the Vektans live in a futuristic city that divides both sides with a great wall. You play as a Shadow Marshal, tasked with maintaining a balance between both sides of the wall.

The new setting gives the Killzone series a new feeling with actual bright environments and no longer just dark grimy war zones. Battles will range from the small incidents to the massive set piece moments that Killzone is known for having. The gameplay as frantic and immerse as ever with graphics that are almost to good to believe. The demo does more justice than any words can say so be sure to check it out if you haven't already.


Move over Polyphony digital, Evolution Studios (developers of the Motorstorm series) is bringing a brand new racing simulator game that has an almost insane amount of attention to detail with every car. This will not just be your standard racing game where you try to come in first place, Driveclub wants to take a new approach with a focus on teamwork.

Adding another reason to comeback to any racing game is key and Driveclub might just have hit gold with its latest racer. Add the ability to stay in touch on any of your smart devices anywhere and a truly realistic driving simulator exclusive on the PS4. Now we have to see how this new game will hold up against the Gran Turismo series in the future.

Infamous: Second Son

Seven years have passed since the events Infamous 2 and Second Son takes place in the aftermath of what Cole McGrath did. You will play as Delsin Rowe, a 24 year-old who is as cocky as any other young adult who lives outside Seattle. He soon finds out that he has the ability to control and transform into smoke. Delsin is labeled a bio-terrorist and the government doesn't take to kindly to people like Delsin or Cole, but Delsin will not go down that easy.

Fans of Infamous were not quite sure how a sequel would work, but Sucker Punch deliver a brand new character in the world full of conduits. It would have been nice to see how the game is looking so far, but the CG trailer gave us all a good example of what the tone will be like for Second Son. The game looks to be a while off until it launches, but this already looks like another standout title for the system.

The Witness

Jonathan Blow is known for his work on the highly acclaimed puzzle game Braid and his newest game The Witness will be a different kind of puzzle game. You will explore a mysterious island and solve puzzles in an open world setting. There is a large focus on epiphany as you try and complete your journey on this mysterious island.

Unlike any other sort of puzzle game out there, The Witness will let you leave or return to any puzzle you are stuck on and attempt to solve it at a later time. The game is toting to have 25 hours on gameplay from all the unique puzzles. This will be another great example of how the PlayStation brand is catering to indie developers on grander projects like The Witness.

Quantic Dream's Old Man's Head

David Cage came on stage and talked about how much his studio focuses on emotion in each game. They also now have a brand new engine just for the PS4 and since they are still working on Beyond: Two Souls, they didn't have much besides a tech demo to show off. This old man's head was indeed much more deatiled, but still couldn't seem to shake that uncanny valley feeling most games have when they focus facial features this much. This could easily be due to the fact that it was literally nothing more than a floating hear, but still the amount of detail possible with this new engine should lead to a very interesting game.

Media Molecule's Creative Demo

The team who helped bring us the adorably creative story of Little Big Planet is back to show off their newest project, but little is know at the moment. MM wants to help bring your dreams to life with the PS4 and with assistance of the the PlayStation Move controller. To show this off it showed creating many different models, but this seems like quite a time consuming task. The final dream turned out to be a moment as awkward as the Wii Music presentation. While the potential is there, how we actually bring these dreams to life will have to be a bit very streamlined for players to use to tools available.

Deep Down Tech Demo

A brand new IP coming to the PS4 is running on MT Frameworks newest engine. The game looked very similar to Dragon's Dogma, yet has been called a new brand new IP. So Deep Down will have you in a party if other adventurers and taking down many dangerous creatures such as dragons. With the success of the Dragon's Dogma series it is odd to see Capcom not take this moment to build excitement for a brand new sequel.

Agni's Philosophy Demo

In a strange move by Square Enix, the company decided to show up and show off the E3 2012 tech demo using the luminous engine called Agni's Philosophy. This was the same exact showing and offered nothing new besides that it can run on the PS4. This was ended by a lack luster announcement that a new Final Fantasy title will be announced at E3 2013 for the PS4. Sadly Square Enix was the biggest let down by not bringing anything new to the table.

Watch Dogs

The game of show to many people after E3 2012, Watch Dogs was not only announced as a PS4 launch game, but brought a brand new demo. This demo had all the hacking and stealth from the previous demo, but instead showed off a new part of town in the day. The amount of detail to the world is truly remarkable as well as how much this game feels like a real city. Ending with your character almost being hacked by another mysterious player also had another hint at the game multilayer elements. The game can not seem to stop impressing everyone every time it is shown off and adds another strong PS4 title for launch.

Diablo III

While Blizzard didn't have anything to show for the console version at this moment for Diablo III, it is still a notable addition. It is hard to deny how big this is for fans who are wanting to play this game with a controller in stead of a mouse and key board. The future for Blizzard heading back to console game could be a big seller on the future of the PS4.


Destiny was revealed last week with tons of details, but along with Destiny coming to PS3, we now know that it will also be making a release on PS4. Both PlayStation versions will have exclusive DLC and this could be a real deal breaker as long as the hype continues up to release. Finally giving all the Halo fans a reason to jump ship over to PlayStation and experience exclusive content similar to Call of Duty.

Most of every game or even tech demo shown at the 2013 PlayStation Meeting was impressive. While some may not be as exciting as others, potential is a big point in lead up to the ambition launch of the PlayStation 4. If you have a personal favorite game shown off let us know what game that is and why in the comments below. If you even feel a bit cheeky drop your least favorite game shown as well, but remember to explain why it didn't appeal to you.

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