PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Round 1 DLC Impressions

By Spencer Pressly on February 14, 2013, 10:07PM EDT

The first batch of downloadable content for the somewhat controversial party fighting game PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale may have been delayed a month, but the content is finally here. There are now two brand new characters to play with along with a brand new stage to keep things interesting. Also there are now 18 new downloadable minions you can purchase to taunt your enemies and friends even more, but they are not why you reading this impression piece (hopefully).

Starting off with the two new characters, Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmet Graves from Starhawk are free for the next two weeks starting 2/12/2013. Kat is the most user friendly of these two new additions. She is very combo friendly and using her doesn't take much work to pull of something impressive. Her movement is very fast and she moves unlike any other fighter in the game. Instead of having a double jump Kat can air dash in any direction and this leads to many options when it comes to mix-ups.

Attacking as Kat also is very fast and while it may not build you the most AP in the game, her combos can last quite a while if you know what you are doing. As far as supers are concerned, Kat's level 1 and 2 supers get the job done fine enough. Her level 3 on the other hand is where things hit the fan and she turns into some sort of space panther. This is when you rampage the stage at high speeds destroying all of your opponents. If you are good enough you can get about 4-6 kills in with the timing on this super.

Emmett on the other hand decides to take thing is a very different direction. He is a character similar to Radec, since he focuses on long distance attack thanks to all of the different guns you have at your disposal. He can also use the build and battle mechanic from Starhawk to call down different turrets to aid him in battle. He still has a couple close range attack, but these are for emergencies only and you will want to stick to building up AP from afar.

There are four different kind of turrets to call to your aid in battle. First, there is a basic turret that dispenses AP similar to Parapa's boombox. Another on is a turret that will show anything that comes close to where it is placed down. The last two will let you change the guns you use until you run out of ammo. While he may feel slow at first, Emmet really has a fast paced seance of play when you are constantly changing layouts and setting up defense.

Emmett's supers are quite varied as well, with his level 1 super just shooting out one hit kills. His level 2 on the other hand makes a giant turret appear and smash whatever is in front of you to bits. Finally the level 3 super also shows a lot of visual flair as well and has you hopping into a starhawk as you let loose on anyone in your way. Still rather lengthy animations lead to being able to get about 2-4 kills per use which is hard to make it worth saving up AP for a level 3 attack.

Wrapping up the new content is the brand new stage that mashes the worlds of Heavenly Sword and Wipeout. This stage is free to play online in ranked matches, but if you want to earn any trophies for it and play it offline you will need to buy the stage for $1.99. This is a fine price point for a brand new stage that mixes things up and holds up as one of the most memorable stage. You start off on a flat surface and are then interrupted by a race through time thanks to the Wipeout universe literally crashing in on the party. After you crash down from the platform, you fight it out on the ground and can now smack your foes into the electrified track taking up one end of the stage.

This newest content is also wrapped up in a meaty patch that helps balance out some of the games issues. Adding in a couple of new minions, characters, stages, and a fun/easy silver trophy makes hopping back into All-Stars as fun as ever. There is also a new arcade opening and ending for both new characters, but that suffers from the lack in presentation as the other characters. Now be sure not to forget to download these two new characters even if you don't have All-Stars just to make sure you don't miss out on this great offer. Every character will be priced at $4.99 each after the two week promotional period. What do you think of the newest additions to PlayStation All-Stars DLC content? Be sure to share your thoughts on all the new content in the comments below.

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